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In the era of “omnipotence”, can we still be surprised by the growth of the French vending machine market? This booming industry is constantly looking for new customers, and self-service sales are becoming a factor in new opportunities.

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In business premises, waiting rooms, and even on the street, these machines can interrupt our working day and even save us time when everything is closed.

About vending machines…

Nearly 2.8 billion euros in 2019. According to statistics from Vending Paris (the organizer of the International Vending Machine Show held in Paris), this is the turnover of the French vending machine market. For Europe, according to the EVA report, this will be no less than 16 billion (European Vending and Coffee Service Association). Does this surprise you? We were too at the beginning. But when we pay a little attention to the surroundings, we will find that vending machines are indeed ubiquitous and there are many types.

ATMs and famous cash machines coffee Other self-service devices have been added to meet the growing demand. Today you can buy snacks, bread, condom, Animal feed, and even Pizza Didn’t even enter the enterprise!

A strategic device

In addition to the pure financial advantage represented by one vending machine, This solution brings its benefits. Only in a professional environment, there are many advantages:

  • It is the focus of meetings and discussions;
  • For employees who no longer need to go out to buy coffee or eat, this is a real time saver;
  • It helps meet everyone’s needs.

In non-professional environments, vending machines are also very popular. Pizza and bread distributors offer the possibility to buy food outside of local store opening hours.thanks Food rack (refrigerated Or not) Local producer Meet customer expectations by providing self-service purchase of fresh food.

Discount pass through Vending machines are becoming a communication tool that serves business and loyalty strategies, while satisfying consumers’ demand for immediacy.

Profitable investment

The same EVA report shows that the largest percentage of turnover comes from machines in the workplace. Not surprisingly.For companies that do not have canteens or catering within their walls, there are coffee machines and meals or snack It is an asset!

Installing vending machines in trade, service companies and even public places can attract the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finally locate in the place with high attendance rate!

The most important thing is profitability: this is a low investment. In addition to the cost of machinery and restocking, owning a vending machine also eliminates the need to rent premises or hire employees. However, it is necessary to consider the energy costs of day and night operation of the machine, as well as replenishment and maintenance costs.

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