The Stranger Release Date, Cast, Plot and Latest Info

The Stranger Release Date, Cast, Plot and Latest Info

Netflix has released a new teaser for the Australian thriller series The Stranger, which tells the narrative of the Australian horror movie The Stranger Thing, in which it stars. Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris previously debuted at the Cannes Film Festival this year and will go on sale now. Netflix in October 2022.

In this series, two strangers work with the primary suspect in a disappearance case. The plot mostly revolves around the murder and abduction of 13-year-old Daniel Morcombe.

Thomas M. Wright, who made his directorial debut with Acute Misfortune in 2018, wrote and directed the narrative.” With The Stranger, he stated that he wanted to develop a psychological murder mystery that brings people to a hidden realm – a film that is precise and realistic in its realism, but also engaging and cinematic. A movie that demands your time and money.

It’s a movie you can fall into and maybe fall into. The film is based on two people who do not know the sufferer but dedicate years of their lives – their physical and mental health – to them; because while abuse is the catalyst for this movie, that’s not what it’s about. Its subject is interpersonal relations. So this is a picture marked by compassion.

“It is unique for an original Australian film to be included in the Official Selection at Cannes and subsequently presented as a Netflix film to the largest audience worldwide,” Wright said. We couldn’t be more proud of this photo, and we’re excited to work with Netflix to bring it to a global audience.”

The Stranger is produced by See-Saw Films, Anonymous Content and Blue Tongue Movies, with creator Joel Edgerton starring alongside Sean Harris.

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The stranger revolves around two people who start chatting while traveling. The first is a suspect in an unsolved disappearance case, and the other is an undercover spy following him.

Their strained bond becomes the central theme of a tense thriller inspired by the true story of one of Australia’s biggest investigations and covert operations.

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Foreign Players


Netflix’s cast of The Stranger includes:

Joel Edgerton

Sean Harris

Steve Mouzakis

Jada Alberts

Brendan Cooney

Mike Foenander

Alan Dukes

Matthew Sunderland

Jeff Lang

Foreign Release Date

Viewers first watched a teaser from Netflix’s The Stranger during the Cannes International Film Festival.

Thanks to the release of the official trailer, we can now confirm the release date as Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

The movie will apparently be available on Netflix worldwide, with the exception of Italy, Benelux, Portugal, Greece, Israel and the Middle East.

In addition, the movie will be released in certain theaters in October 2022. This will ensure the film is fit for other awards events besides the Oscar in 2023.


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