The Stradivarius leather effect pants that you can combine with all colors


Stradivarius is one of the most recognized fashion brands that we have in Spain, and from time to time it is a good idea to take a look at its catalog to find out about the prevailing trends and see a unique design as we are used to. right now this pants Stradivarius skin effect is the most.

It is an interesting option for professional women who frequently have to attend events, since this model will help to always look more elegant.

How are the Stradivarius leather effect pants

For business or formal outings

These skin-type flare split pants meet all the needs you have at all times. It is fitted with a high waist and flared finish with opening and perfect for all kinds of social gatherings in which you want to show control of the situation, be it a business meeting or a date with your partner.

When buying it, you will have to think about it because it is available both in white or in black, two very interesting alternatives in these circumstances and each of which has its own virtues. While black is extremely elegant, white shows that you have no problem being the one who stands out.

You will also have to take a moment to select the ideal size for you, because they range from 32 to 44. In addition to their measurements, they all have a side zipper closure that makes it very easy to use.

The Stradivarius leather effect pants that you can combine with all colors

first class materials

For the preparation of this article, Stradivarius has created a 50% polyurethane, 49% viscose and 1% elastane hybrid that combines the best qualities of these three diverse textiles, producing a first-class material that will be pleasant to the touch, giving life to the steps taken when entering the living room or the kitchen. office.

Price and shipments

The price of the garment is 25.99 euros, which is not bad given the quality it exhibits and the proposed look. In addition, you are only five euros away from getting free shipping to one of their collection points or your own home. All you have to do is choose an accessory or accessory to add to it, and both will be yours at no other cost.

For all the above, this is one of those pants that are perfect in many situations both daily and when you go to parties on the weekend. And it is not always easy to be dressed top but spending less.


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