The Stradivarius dress to avoid marking the belly this summer


Stradivarius It is one of our leading fashion brands because it knows how to capture what we need very well, and in its collections it always offers us garments that perfectly cover our needs. The comfortable style is a trend in the fashion world, and it’s not just about wearing tracksuits and sneakers. It also includes loose garments for all types of occasions, like this one Stradivarius short dress which is ideal for hiding the stomach.

Find one dress for spring and summer that it is beautiful, easy to combine and that it does not mark the curves at all is not easy, but with Stradivarius anything is possible. In her new collection for this season, she presents a short dress with a square neckline and short sleeves. The ruffle hem detail gives movement to the garment and gives the skirt a beautiful fall.

Made of 55% polyester and 45% cotton, it is a dress that we will surely get a lot of use from because it is very versatile. We can wear it with crab sandals to go to the beach or pool and with high-heeled sandals to go out to dinner and have a few drinks.

It has several details that we really like: the square neckline, which visually elongates the silhouette and gives the figure, puffed sleeves and chewing gum pink. This season, monochrome looks are a trend in the fashion world, so we can combine the Stradivarius dress with flip flops and pink. They do not have to be chewing gum pink, but we can choose another tone, such as fuchsia or coral.

The Vibrant colors they wear a lot, so we can bet that they combine the dress with style, with green or orange sandals for example. We have always been told that pink and red are two colors that do not fit well in the same look. But the rules have changed, and this season is the star combination, so with red sandals we can achieve a spectacular look.

In short, this is a dress that has everything to become the favorite in our wardrobe for spring and summer: it hides the belly, it is comfortable, versatile and it is a good price. Coupon 19.99 euros in the Stradivarius online store and it is available for sale in a large selection of sizes, from XS to XL.

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