The stopping of heating in winter confronts the inhabitants of a building with 124 apartments in Logroño


By Pilar Mazo

The inhabitants of building 82 on Calle Huesca de Logroño, with 124 homes, maintain gaps between them, after the decision, for the moment, not to put on central heating this winter due to the high cost of gas and the debts that some residents have with the community, since the monthly spill would exceed 500 euros per month.

On the 26th, the inhabitants of this property decided in a meeting, by the majority of those present, that this winter the heating would not be turned on, which generated unease and tension between them.

As José Luis Fernández Moreno, owner of one of the houses, detailed this Tuesday to Efe, not all those who reside nor all those who have the right to vote were at this meeting, because it is a community in which many people are tenants.

No gas until the price drops and the debts are collected

Fernández Moreno maintained that he would not turn on the heat until debt collection from defaulters is resolved and gas prices come down, but he also acknowledged that “it doesn’t make sense for neighboring communities to pay the gas 140% more expensive, being considered businesses, than chalets for millionaires”, such as the luxurious district of La Moraleja in Madrid.

He acknowledged that “many neighbors who did not attend the meeting are complaining about the decision and arguing that anyone who cannot pay should sell the apartment and leave”.

Fernández Moreno indicated that this property is inhabited, above all, by active and retired people, but “there is a family that owes 28,000 euros to the community, who has lived in this block for 8 years, that the community does not never paid and now they are complaining that he has young children and asking to turn on the heating.


A contrary position is defended by Arlena Blanco, who lives in rented accommodation and whose owner -her mother- has a generated debt of around 2,000 euros, for which she says she is not responsible because she religiously pays the costs in as a tenant, she told Efe when I returned with an electric heater in my hand.

Blanco ha explicado que ese radiador es para poder calentar la casa y que su hija pequeña no tenga frío, ya que, weighs on the most térmica de los últimos días en Logroño, “las casas se enfrían” y por la mañana y por la noche “it is cold”.

“There are those who owe up to 25,000 euros to the community, but there are four defaulters”, declared this neighbor, who regretted this decision because families with children and elderly people live in the property, to whom a gas bill of this caliber includes what is expensive for them to manage.

Web writing: Pilar Mazo


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