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In Morbihan, the megaliths of Carnac are incredibly lined up to form a prehistoric site full of mystery, not to be missed if you like archaeology.

The place I dream of visiting in Brittany is the ruins of Carnac and its steles. On the way back, we stopped to find out. This is an absolutely charming place!

I didn’t expect a website of this size. The route of the Karnak Stones covers nearly 4 kilometers. Its two main sites, Ménec and Kermario, have 3000 steles! The 7,000-year history is an astonishing testimony to the Neolithic Age. The fact that it is enduring makes it a moving testimony to the worship of our ancestors…

I’ve shared some tips for discovering the site yourself, while also highlighting areas not to be missed.thus a real Get into the mood.

As promised, I’m starting to tell you about my adventures in Brittany! I start with the end of… Then why not! So leaving Finistère and returning to Alsace, we had planned to stop at Karnak on the way. In my head, we’ll get out of the car, we’ll find this site, and then we’ll leave in an hour.I imagine visiting Stonehenge!

However, the site is very extensive and you better plan at least two to three hours, or even half a day, to cover it without stress. If you are a fan of prehistory, all day Perfect in my opinion!

What to see in Carnac - Brittany Road Trip in Yapaslefeauaulac

The Mystery of Karnak

What are so many upright and neatly arranged stones for? What is their purpose or meaning? Many hypotheses have attempted to explain the reason for this site, which is undoubtedly a divine nature. Religious monuments, worship of the moon or the sun, agricultural calendars and even Roman armies turned to stone according to legend… But the hovering doubts give this place even more charm: imagine grinding as we browse these places, we Had a lot of fun imagining crazy interpretations of the existence of these stones.

Three routes to visit Karnak

I didn’t expect such a spaced out place: bring water and good shoes if you want to discover Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan three sites! Set aside two hours to explore all the sights on foot for a glimpse, and more if you want to explore the various dolmens and other wonders that dot the countryside.

This very useful online map from the Tourist Office can help you plan your visit. We walked from point 1 to point 3, through a detour in the forest, and saw the giant Manio.

map Karnak Ruins Provided by the Tourism Bureau, click to download

Menec and Kermario aligned

it’s two Do not miss! For me, the walk from Maison des Mégalithes to Point du Vieux Moulin is a must in order to explore the ruins of Ménec and Kermario.

The walk around the Ménec route is very charming, following the path behind (not on the side of the road). So you can marvel at the number of steles up until the Kermario site, which continues…

They come in all sizes! From very small to huge more impressive blocks. Alignments aren’t always obvious either, depending on what angle people look at them from, just like different parts of a website.

And little sheep grazing between some standing stones…

Arrangement of the Karnak Stones

Sheep graze among boulders

Then climb up to the Old Moulin Rouge for a view from above, giving you a better idea of ​​the route. From above, the site makes more sense! back?See if you’ve seen enough or want to continue

View of the Old Moulin Rouge on the column arrangement: not to be missed in Carnac
view of the old mill

Kerlescan alignment

This was the third route we reached by walking along the roadside in the heat and it was moderately pleasant. The most direct way to get to Kerlescan is not particularly glamorous. Since the show ends up being very similar to the other two sites, I recommend going there if you have the time or are just an archaeology fan. It’s for those who can’t see enough and want to see more!

Along the way, we took a detour through the forest and saw Giant Magno, a huge boulder in the middle of the woods.

If we had time, we would go and see different wonders, such as the tomb of St. Michel and a dolmen in the area.

Below, I give you more practical advice for organizing your day based on my experience!

Visit Carnac in Brittany: the main attractions!

Practical Advice: Before Visiting Carnac

  • Access to the site is free and there are various parking lots available. Along the way, there are a few cafes, but at irregular times during our visit (but in high season in August). Best to call ahead or pack a picnic.
  • download sitemap is here
  • Maison des Mégalithes offers an information point next to the Ménec ruins for you to start your visit. in the town of Carnac, Prehistoric Museum Put this megalithic heritage in the background (neither visited due to lack of time)
  • Depending on the season, you cannot walk around the steles for conservation reasons, only around them. They are surrounded by a low wall to protect them. Guided tours, on the other hand, allow you to enter these “enclosures” with standing stones. However, they can be well appreciated from the trails.
  • A small tourist train goes around the location…I had to force myself in! Of course, unless you have health issues, it’s more fun to walk around the Menecke route. On the other hand, the Kerlescan site is far from the boulder’s house, and the path by the road is not always pleasant.

If you are planning to visit Carnac during your holiday exploring Brittany, I hope this article has been helpful to you.

I still have so many wonderful places to show you on this trip that will be on the blog for weeks!Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter monthly or follow me on Instagram (@yapaslefeuaulacblog) So you don’t miss anything 😉

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