The sports shoes that will enhance your figure and give an original touch to your outfit

Leather sneakers are one of those shoes that always go well, that solves everything casual or semi-formal outing in seconds. That’s why the big fashion brands usually have models that meet these needs of their customers, and in the case of Pedro del Hierro, we came across some chunky leather sneakers with such a quality/price ratio that you shouldn’t miss them. . is sports that will improve your figure.

And it is that we are obliged to start with the price, because although it was originally 129.00 euros, it is not suitable for all budgets, Right now we can get this shoe for no more than 77.00 euros. A saving of 40%, which corresponds to more than 50 euros. For many, it is an opportunity to buy this international product of the highest quality and pay less than normal.

What are the sports that will improve your figure

In addition to the advantage of saving almost half of the original price, these shoes are available in a single combination that includes several colors although pink and orange tones dominate with a raised white sole that gives it a sporty air.

You can buy them in sizes from 36 to 42, so you have to take the trouble to see which one, with its dimensions, suits you best. Fortunately, Pedro del Hierro has a system for each to figure out their size that makes this problem much easier.

If we go to the most interesting details, we find that these sneakers in chunky style have been made in a combination of nappa and split leather, with rubber accessories and technical fabric, making them the basic of every getaway.

Outside of that we have maxi logo in rubber which makes it clear which signature it is, and a flat cord and metal loop with a gold finish. This set is finished with an insole and lining that are also made of leather, and a rubber sole that guarantees maximum comfort.

Shipping & Returns

Once you’ve purchased the chunky sneakers, you’ll be able to receive them at the Pedro del Hierro store you’ve specified within a few days. This shipment is completely free, as is the in-store return or home pickup if you return them.

Therefore, in any case, even if you return them, you will not pay more than the 77.00 euros that we mentioned at the beginning.