The skirt with print that you will not be able to resist has Asos


Patterned, long, elegant and also on sale. Introducing the skirt with print that you will not be able to resist.

You will see that it is in Asos, you can have it now and it is also perfect for both meetings and Christmas parties.

This is the skirt with print that you will not be able to resist

It is a long monochrome bias-cut skirt with a ruched effect print in satin from Topshop Petite. Well, you know that on this website there are garments from many brands, in addition to your own, and the good thing is that you have a variety of styles at your fingertips without leaving the same place.

You will see that it is made of satin fabric, really elegant and sophisticated, and is also shiny, draping and silky. It is made of 100% viscose.

According to reports from the Asos website, so that the skirt lasts longer and does not get damaged, it should be machine washed according to the instructions on the label.

With 20% discount

These days there are discounts on many websites thanks to Black Friday 2022, and for this reason in Asos as well. In this case, you have it at a lower price.

The skirt with print that you will not be able to resist has Asos

The price was 49.99 euros and now it costs 39.99 euros, thanks to the 20% discountSo you won’t be able to resist her. The sizes in which you can buy this skirt are from 32 to 46, a wide spectrum so that you can choose according to your type, body and you want it to be looser or to fit a little narrower.

what do you wear it with

It is the skirt that you should wear if you want to go something more sophisticated to a dinner, event and especially at those Christmas parties. It is ideal with a black corset, a top of the same color, with white or beige blouses and to go more daring you can go with that Klein blue top that will look great on you.

You can wear it with high boots and also with high-heeled shoes that are perfect when it’s time to go to a wedding or to that meal where everyone will notice this garment.

More about the brand

The Topshop Petite brand is also in Asos so you can have access to their clothes. It is a London brand with clothing, shoes and accessories. Among the garments, there is the iconic Jamie model and the Joni skinny jeans, to the rigid mom jean in all the washes you want. Don’t miss Topshop’s Petite, Tall and Maternity lines.


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