The situation with the future “Manchester United” Paul Pogba is still unclear


HOURentering the January transfer market, Paul pogba stands as one of the biggest names that may well be available, with its Manchester United the future is still unclear.

The 28-year-old midfielder has yet to renew his contract with Old Trafford, even though it expires in June 2022 and his three-match suspension in the Premier League should go into effect, United will need to adjust to life without him sooner. than intended.

As of January 1 Pogba will be able to speak with foreign clubs and agree to a pre-contract deal, although at the moment there is still the possibility that he was thinking about extending his contract with the Premier League club.

“At the moment everything is calm, there is no news, ask United”, Mino Raiola stated in an interview with The Times.

Manchester United unlikely to sell in January

A report released by ESPN on Thursday said United was unlikely to accept any transfer offers in January, which would ensure compensation for the player who was paid for nearly 105 million euros.

In the current condensed state of the transfer market, it is difficult to see any club make a specific offer in January, and this news release may well indicate that Glazer The family is preparing for such an outcome, so the free transfer looks like the choice of the club.

In contrast, both Athletic and L’Equipe believe that Pogba are much more likely to extend their stay in Manchester, Cristiano RonaldoHis arrival was a key factor in changing the midfielder’s mindset, as well as the expected salary that would make him one of the highest paid players in the top flight in England.

Pogba’s numbers are good

Manchester United there is a problem in the sense that Pogba has the most assists in the Premier League this season with seven, but it’s hard to find a game he plays exceptionally well.

Of course, this applies to most of the squad as well, but United will undoubtedly lose a lot of creativity if Pogba doesn’t sign up, even if it is sometimes difficult to get him right on the starting lineup.

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