The situation with Cristiano Ronaldo is not pleasant.


TThese days are reminiscent of José Mourinho Dele Alli’s harsh warnings when they came together at Tottenham. The Portuguese noted that the Englishman, a guy who seemed destined to become great, showed laziness in training, which was the first step towards blowing his career down the drain.

It turned out that Mourinho was right and the player went down the wrong path. Mourinho remains in the elite after taking over Rome to another title, in this case the conference league. give him thereon the other hand, went over to the Turkish side Besiktasa place where any football player is welcomed like the Beatles in the 1960s.

Football makes people dream. Just look at Lecce fans who treated Samuel Umtiti to mass reception as if Italy had been hit by a news blackout for the past four years.

Destructive soccer player

On the other hand Cristiano Ronaldo believes his second spell in Manchester United ended after failing to qualify for the Champions League, a gaping wound for someone who controls his career with the dexterity of an artisan.

Manchester United games create an unhealthy curiosity to see the face of the Portuguese as he takes orders from Ten Hag on the touchline. The Portuguese grimaces as if wondering who the real person is who approaches him to give him instructions. It doesn’t matter if the scene takes place in Manchester or Southampton.

Que give him there is not enough, Cristiano makes up. The Portuguese has more ambition in one fang than the whole disoriented Englishman. A devastating footballer, first on the flank and then in the box, he built a legendary career without the last brush.

His enemies

And yet this summer makes those who have always discouraged him very happy. These are the ones who humiliated him for being the only person who could keep up with Leo Messicareer.

Five days before the market closes, Cristiano does not know where he will play next season. A career is built until the last day, whether you are a legend or not. It’s not beautiful. The football player must rebuild these twilight steps. Christian, make your choice.


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