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Like a month, there are plenty of specialties in the history of American history.

– 10 May 1877. At 145, President Rutheford B. Hayes made the phone at the White House. If you do not know how to consider what you need, then Hayes is very favorable to new technologies. He said he was unresponsive, and he was 50 years old to know that President Hoover had installed a telephone in the Oval Office.

This first telephone line in Maison-Blanche responds to the phone number «1». The right thing to do, the lords of his installation, this city is not connected to any other end: the Department of Tresor.

– On 12 May 1932. Charles Lindbergh, “The Solitary Eagle”, is one of the first American heroes. The first pilot on the ground, without stairs and in solitaire, New York in Paris between 20 and 21 May 1927. When he was a child of 20 months, he was kidnapped in his New Jersey home, this is a national emotion . Two months more than 90 years old, the 12th of May, the high-quality baby body without life. Bruno Hauptmann is committed and exaggerated for what crime is all about. “Loi Lindbergh” is a great executioner, reconstructing life as a common crime.

– 27 May 1937, is the day of birth, at 85 years old, one of the more symbolic symbols of the Union and California: the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. The measure of 2737 meters, which had been established since 1921, had more and more oppositions in the face of its exorbitant coast. The crisis of 1929 was immediacy. The work was finalized on January 5, 1933.

The Golden Gate Bridge.
The Golden Gate Bridge. Credit photo: David Ball / CC BY 2.5

– 6 May 1937. The adjustable balloon LZ 129 Hindenburg, 246 meters long, effects a transatlantic league of 14 months. He is 85 years old, and this is due to the German Zeppelin brand facing the Atlantic and descendant to the final destination, in Lakehurst in New Jersey, an incendiary scale at the direction of the route. The aerodrome for its horizontal stabilizer is cut in 34 seconds. The brasier is only a source of diesel fuel. There were 97 boarding people and an incident at 35 deaths, with 21 staff members, 1 member of the staff and 13 passengers. The crash is very film and photography, the images are terrifying for the epoch. The aura plus of these transatlantic commercial suites in this accident.

Hindenburg fire
Hindenburg fire
Hindeburg fire

– On 4 May 1942. This is the premier of the first aeronautical union of the history of the history, which is the most important days of the United Nations and the Japanese Empire, by way of interruption. At 80 years old, the Japanese Secretary of State of the Pacific Islands south of Australia. More American espionage services have a whole plan and a fleet in the region.

On the paper, the Japanese are a nice little battalion. More, in realism, its expansion is stopped for the first time of war.

American waters: 4 ships without service two doors (one inch), 69 destroyed flights and 656 deaths.

Japanese lands: 10 ships do not have a low-lying and long-haul port, 92 destroyed air and a balance of 966 deaths.

The USS Lexington ports on train expired on May 8, 1942.


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