The sinking of Matteo Salvini: from the glory of “Aquarius” to the recent sex and drug scandals


On August 9, 2019, Matteo Salvini officially announced a motion of condemnation to the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the five-star movement. The strange thing about the condemnation motion is that he himself has become the image of the government as the Minister of the Interior and has very broad powers. In fact, if at any time, since the 2018 election, someone asked who ruled Italy, almost all of us would answer: “Mateo Salvini.”

Salvini is one of the ubiquitous figures. He has opinions on everything and has radical solutions to any problem. Good at interacting with people, always seeking political benefits, Salvini often has meetings, almost always on TV. Its splendor is undoubtedly accompanied by the humanitarian crisis in the summer of 2018 and the refusal to let the “Aquarius” ship dock with hundreds of Libyan immigrants on Italian territory. In the end, the ship arrived in Valencia with the help of Josep Borrell. Throughout the summer, it was a constant confrontation between Salvini and the European Union, bringing greater glory to someone who saw his popularity soar.

In the 12 months between the 2018 European crisis and the 2019 government crisis, the Northern Alliance has risen in public opinion polls at an alarming rate.Statements such as “Italy is no longer the doormat of Europe” They touched the food of an unfinished country in many ways And the legendary political instability. In the election, Salvini won 17.35 percent of the vote, surpassing the great benchmark Silvio Berlusconi of the Italian right wing for 25 years. In 1996 alone, in the midst of the Umberto Bossi phenomenon and its famous Padania media explosion, Lega exceeded 10%, and it was 7%. Opinion polls in the summer of 2019 showed that Salvini exceeded 35%.


Salvini made bluffing his main attraction, and distrustful actions were part of this overwhelming strategy. The goal is to isolate Conte to call an election and then wipe it out. Completely sunk M5S, easily surpassed Berlusconi and the Italian Brotherhood, and actually consolidated his position as prime minister at the age of 46.If it is not an absolute majority-which is almost impossible in Italy-yes Sufficient public support must require as few favors as possible.

This idea is good but risky, the truth is that it went wrong. It’s terrible and shocking. You think other people are stupid until they are no longer stupid. Conte was the one who allowed Salvini to do so, so that he entrusted the true representation of the country to him, and he refused to resign. When everyone ignored him, he turned the situation around with the help of his party partner Luigi di Maio and reached an agreement with PD, the heir to the left-wing alliance of DS. Under the leadership of Matteo Renzi, Italy’s youngest prime minister from 2014 to 2016, DS hardly opposed the agreement because it knew what it meant for Lega and the entire right: four years of opposition . In return, he also stayed with the vice president.

The center-right government became center-left in a few weeks, and Salvini’s pace changed. No plan B. There is no other choice. Away from the cabinet, and therefore away from the media opportunities brought about by his position as minister, Salvini sank behind the scenes and became most of the victims of the monsters he created. His commitment to the far-right, anti-Europeanism and anti-globalization has spread to the political spectrum of Italy: Giorgia Meloni (Giorgia Meloni) is ready to go one step further in the Fratelli d’Italia (Fratelli d’Italia), this is the last one A real sensation in the biennium.

From Fini to Meloni

It is very difficult to become an Italian nationalist. We are talking about a country with a history of only more than 150 years. It was born out of an alliance of small countries that have been separated and even faced each other for centuries. When Bossi said: “We don’t believe in Italy, we believe in Padania (the industrial area in the north of the country),” he said for some reason. The south is for most residents of Milan, Turin, Venice and other places. They are citizens of another country.Salvini had to Invent nationalism like Le Pen or Nigel Farage Strictly speaking, there is more mistrust there than anything else.

This pro-independence tendency to continue to support the North in the name of the party may make Salvini one of the great defenders, such as Carles Puigdemont when he was arrested in Sardinia. There is a clear nationalist harmony between Lega and the different sects that were once a democratic fusion of Catalonia. Of course, we can’t find such ambiguity in Fratelli d’Italia. They are willing to spread the madness to the entire country and almost appropriated the only thing they have in common: their national anthem.

Fratelli d’Italia is a traditional Mussolini party without any complexity, born out of the embers of Gianfranco Fini’s national coalition, which was against the granddaughter of the fascist dictator Alexandre The formation of Alessandra Mussolini helped a lot.Tang Dee La Lega Norte is clearly a populist party, Fratelli represents a more serious and at the same time stricter conservatism, their xenophobic, intolerant and anti-Semitist views. If Salvini had to invent a Jean-Marie leanism, Meloni was his Marine: calmer and less harsh, but destructive in his ideology.

Sex and drugs

Within two years, Fratelli went from an almost anecdotal camp to competing with PD, Lega and M5S in opinion polls, which was truly unthinkable before the pandemic. In turn, Salvini has changed from controlling the entire country to a political faction that does not even control his own. Although each poll puts them in a different order, the fact is that the four games are technically tied.The last reliable survey published was published on September 19 Meloni ranked first with 20% of the vote expectedSalvini and his Lega tied for second place with PD with 18.5%, almost half of what they gave him two years ago.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Salvini’s image was flooded with a scandal this week, the consequences of which are hard to calculate: Luca Morisi, a consultant and marketing strategist to the leader of Lega, was arrested. In order to save distance, Morrisi is equivalent to Ivan Redondo of Pedro Sanchez in 2018-19. They are two people who are too close to each other so that what happens in the media on one does not affect the other. The charges against Morisi are drug trafficking and possible incitement to prostitutionIn his home, he found a bolus of cocaine and liquid hexadecane. This substance can cause a complete loss of self-awareness. In fact, it can lead to more cocaine use. In some environments, it is called the “rape drug”.

Of course, Salvini has come out to defend Morrissey and condemn the persecution of his party. Morisi talked about drugs and sex all night, no more. Strangely, the “master” actually submitted his resignation on September 1. Go beyond public opinion and appeal to “personal reasons”At that time he may be under investigation and hope to defile the names of his friends and boss as little as possible. In this sense, Italy is a complex country: undoubtedly it has a Catholic and moral tradition, and its most popular politician for two decades is Silvio Berlusconi, who likes to be with young and beautiful The lady has sex.

Therefore, it is impossible to know the extent to which scandals related to sexual or recreational drugs have affected a politician who has always had a nearly Nietzsche concept of right and wrong. Many of his voters may still trust him, sympathize with him more, or accept conspiracy theories. Others may also say “This will not happen to Flatley” and then vote for Meloni. Although the next legislative election is scheduled for 2023, Italy is a completely unpredictable country. There is currently no indication that Mario Draghi’s position-replacing the tired Giuseppe Conte in February this year-is in danger, but as we have seen, everything can change in an instant. You always have to be prepared, and now, Matteo Salvini and Lega don’t seem to like it.


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