The simplest Bimba y Lola earrings to sweep over Black Friday

Earrings are essential accessories to complete a woman’s look, and they often go unnoticed or attract attention. If you are one of those who prefer the latter, you probably already know that you can find good suggestions in current catalogues. We can mention these simpler earrings than bimba and lola.

In the shape of pink bear, is one of the most captivating options this season. These have the advantage that with a minimal investment makes a simple outfit one which leaves no one untouched. Everyone present at the event you are attending will comment on the beautiful earrings dangling from your ears.

How are the simplest Bimba y Lola earrings

A different option than the others

Usually backing They try to provoke attraction but they try to achieve it in a different way. If you lean for these, you will give your total prominence pink bear earrings and everything else will go unnoticed.

these earrings rigid silver bow with pink bear with glitter They come in a snap closure design with an engraved logo, probably one of the best finishes we’ve seen in recent memory, and perfect for young girls or a night out.

Also, for better protection, they include a protective bag inside which you can place them so they don’t hit or fall. They will stand the test of time very well if you take these precautions indispensableso don’t hesitate to always have them in your bag.

Just to be safe, remember that in addition to the pink color already mentioned, you can also buy your device in another tone, purple.

Materials and precautions

For its manufacture, Bimba y Lola uses a combination of 70% resin and 30% brass, which is very robust if we avoid drying them in the dryer and clean them with a soft cloth and products specially designed for the hygiene of accessories made of these materials.

If you have any questions, they come with a label that summarizes the precautions and caution you should take with the supplement.

Price and shipping policy

The price of these earrings cost 45 euros, and provides an undeniable quality. You will receive the item two or three days after your purchase for free, in one of the stores of this brand.

And if you have to return them because of a problem, you can return them for free until next January 15th.