The Silence of Sound, European premiere in Pamplona


Pamplona (EFE).- The stage project “The silence of sound”, which combines the music of the Symphony Orchestra of Navarre, the audiovisual show and the magic of the clown, will make its European debut this Thursday in the main hall of the Baluarte Auditorium from Pamplona.

After the critical and public success in Mexico, the premiere marks the return to Spain of the Mexican artist Alondra de la Parra, in charge of the musical direction of the project, who will be accompanied by Gabriela Muñoz, better known on the stage circuit as ” Chula the Clown”.

The show, presented at a press conference this Wednesday, will feature the Navarra Symphony Orchestra and represents the fourth concert of the Baluarte Auditorium subscription season, according to the artistic production manager of the foundation. , Rubén Jauquicoa.

The Navarre Symphony Orchestra will perform works by composers such as Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Ibarra and Brahms, among others, who “joined the magic of the clown, from the hand of Gabriela Muñoz, will make this concert a unique spectacle under the direction of Professor Alondra de la Parra”, he underlined.

An important biographical load

It is a repertoire that will last the hour and a quarter that the show will last and which, according to the Mexican director, “has an important biographical part” and “is linked to real scenes” from her life.

De la Parra pointed out that in the show “there is not a single word” and that the narration is carried only by the music and by Muñoz’s “wonderful interpretation and body expression”.

It is a dual project where the director and the interpreter are co-stars and where the narration forms a “slightly chimerical” ecosystem in which the reality perceived by the bodily interpreter leads the public to perceive it from the same way as her.

For seven years the project has been “meticulously” developed with a team of creatives, many of whom are Spanish, with the aim of giving the public a new experience through the fusion between silence and music.

Gabriela Muñoz, better known on the stage circuit as “Chula the Clown”. EFE/Inaki Porto

“We talked about how to exist in the ecosystem of dualities, of silence and music, of beauty and ugliness. This whole story provokes feelings, invites the public to feel, from what I do to what the music does. You don’t have to think, you have to feel and step into a very possible world,” Muñoz said.

The performer pointed out that her biggest challenge in this project was to move on stage with the music and, despite the fact that in all her shows “the music is a very important narrative driver”, on this occasion she must have managed to translate it into his body.

“I work with a lot of freedom, I really like improvising, spontaneity, playing with the public, and suddenly Alondra made me learn a lot of rules so that I could then break them and move. It was without a doubt the biggest challenge, but now I feel like I’m integrating the music into my body,” he said.

Regarding the possibility of taking “The Silence of Sound” to other places in Spain or Europe, or being able to repeat this show again in Navarre, the Baluarte Foundation has indicated that it is not something which she has been considering for now, but, as De la Parra said, they hope that this premiere will be the start “of a life with many other orchestras around the world”.


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