The sex trade always takes its toll


Objects “It may not be the most budget film that will be released this weekend,” but it was he who most interested Andres Arconada. film in which The first great hero Alvaro Morteknown worldwide for his role as “Professor” in money robbery. The character that made him rise to the altars, which made “when choosing the main character in the cinema after the series, he thought about it, even leaving several projects outside of Spain.”

Frame from “Objects”.

Finally he chose Objectsdirector’s film George Golden (Psychology) that “many would call it a thriller, but I would take it to the other extreme, it’s a great psychological melodrama“, says the critic. digital freedom D EsRadio. Alvaro Morte gives life to Mario, the man who works in a treasure trove where he keeps all sorts of things accumulated over the years. Over time, he approaches objects and moves away from people.

Frame from “Objects”.

“Mario is the person we see at the beginning, who is quite obsessed.” His only contact with the world is through Helena (Veronica Echegi), the police, who collect items left by citizens at the police station.

Frame from “Objects”.

His obsession will go further when one day they bring him old suitcase rescued from the bottom of the river. Within, finds baby clothes next to human remains. The police do not seem to attach much importance to the find, so “Mario will want to pull the strings and go anywhere to find out not only what happened to the child, but also what is behind it.” And what is behind this is nothing but “the plot luxury prostitution“.

Frame from “Objects”.

Mario’s investigation will lead him to Sarah (China Suarez), a young woman trapped in a human trafficking organization since childhood. For Arkonada.Objects looks very good” and “doesn’t pretend to be more than entertain with a rather unexpected ending or rather unusual in this type of cinema where the good always win.” Without spoiler, he warns that “it’s not going to be exactly like this here, which means we could put a different movie label on it.”

Objects out in cinemas in Spain this Friday September 30th.



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