The series that Netflix is ​​taking over shows they can do it well


Based on novels Michael Connelly about one of his main creations, lawyer Mickey Holler, Lincoln Lawyer This is the number one series on Netflix and also the most interesting offer.

Perhaps some of the vices of the platformer series are mitigated by the support of Connelly’s writing, which director David E. Kelly’s series uses a little at its own discretion. The set is light, not at all original, but fast, quite fast.

As Juanma Gonzalez assures in the video digital freedom what you will find at the top, Lincoln Lawyer He wins thanks to good lead actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo and his ability to create a great story with other derivatives that eventually return to him, all in an engaging and clear manner.

Largely based on the second of Connelly’s Mickey Holler novels, The Verdict, the series follows famed LA lawyer Mickey Haller resuming his career (and his brand of car) after an accident when he takes on the murder case of a lawyer he knows. from whom he would inherit clients… including one that would become his most difficult and dangerous business.

In the video you can see the trailer and footage of the series, as well as our critical assessment Lincoln LawyerNow fully available on Netflix.


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