The secrets of Leonor’s school, revealed in a horror and mystery novel


More than a year has passed since Princess Leonor started classes at Welsh Atlantic College, and few details of her day-to-day life at the exclusive learning centre have emerged. Although some of the daily activities of the students are well known, there is nothing about King Felipe and Letizia other than some specific data or comments made by the two majesties or Leonor himself saying about her time Specific information on the Queen’s eldest daughter. Been to Spain.

The Royal Family escorts Leonor to the airport/Gtres

In stark contrast to the reality of Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, for example, we’ve been able to see her in some of the centre’s students’ posts or in publications from the school itself on the occasion of some noteworthy events.

However, although there is no news of this routine Princess of Asturias, the school and some students have developed a solid understanding of what it’s like to study there. The last to do so was a gift from Catherine King.The writer, a former student of the school Welsh Atlantic CollegeIntroducing this book practiceA mystery novel that takes place in this center, where not only Princess Leonor studied in her classroom, but also other luminaries of the royal world, such as King William of the Netherlands, his daughter Alexia or Princess Elisabeth of Belgium. Atlantic College was established in 1962 in the town of Llantwit Major in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, in the stunning St Donat Castle, a 12th century medieval castle surrounded by acres of woodland. Without a doubt, this is the perfect place to tell a story full of mystery and suspense.

practice It tells the story of Lucía Fernández, a journalist who returns to Wales after ten years, returning to the boarding school she attended. The phone call comes at a time when his life is about to fall apart and he decides to go back to school to meet some friends and reminisce about the past. What he didn’t expect was that a weekend of celebrations could turn into a real nightmare. It all starts with the mysterious disappearance of a former student and nobody seems to care except Lucia. Show off an agile and suggestive way of telling, Katherine King Wrote a novel full of intrigue and action in which a group of young men discover that the past always comes back. Gothic horror, mystery and a high dose of suspense come together in a surprising international spy novel.

The cover of the book The Internship. / polite

The number has been able to know some details of the book, whose author lives in Mallorca with her family, but is a student at the same centre where Leonor studied.Although now focused on writing, Kathryn King has been working as a journalist and journalist in England for over a decade, working for projects such as daily mirror, daily telegraphThis mail on sunday Yes guardian. In addition, he collaborated with the series unreported world on channel 4. In fact, his coverage of the war in Syria (2015) filmed in the town of Kobane was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award. A book reveals the secrets of a school that saw kings and princes learn.


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