The secret hobby of Princess Sofia who gave her trouble

looks princess sofia He inherited his father’s hobby, king philip, for the movement, although he does not do it the same way as the monarch. In this case, the youngest royals are passionate about football, as it has already happened.However, this hobby can cause some problems princess sofia in school.

Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia. / Getreth

sister princess eleanor He had just started his last course at Santa Maria de los Rosales school a few weeks ago, the same centre where King Felipe and Heir is now in Wales.However, as the portal publishes digital secretFor some time now, Princess Sofia’s companions appear to have been belittling the king’s youngest daughter’s sporting tastes.

Apparently, the little girl from the royal family used her recess to play football and blend in with the rest of her classmates, but she encountered some resistance as some people seem to think football is a men’s sport. . As the numbers point out, these qualifiers, which will be for the Kings’ youngest daughter, will affect Princess Sofia.

Queen Letizia and Princess Sofia in Mallorca. / Getreth

Infanta is passionate about football and enjoys not only practicing the sport but also watching the games. Furthermore, he appears to be part of the Madrid team where he plays as a midfielder, although no further details have emerged.

Last summer, the royals dined together in Mallorca. / Getreth

The same portal explains the origins of Infanta’s fondness for the sport, which goes back several years.Don Felipe’s daughter and Letizia Thanks to a school teacher, he developed an interest in the sport, and it was then that Leonor and Sofia accompanied King Felipe to two matches. Champions League in 2016. In the case of the princess, she went to the Wanda Metropolitano, while Princess Sofia had a match at the Bernabeu.

Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia in London. /Gtres

Beyond that, we must add that last July, the sisters performed solo outside Spain for the first time in a sporting event related to the sport.Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia attended the event in the City of LondonBrentford Community Stadium, a match of women’s football, in the group stage of the European Championships. They were received by the President of the Sports Ministry, Luis Rubiales, accompanied by the Minister of Sports, Mikel Essetta. The real Spanish Football Federation. Leonor and Sofia were happy throughout the match and had a brief meeting with the players as they beat the Dane with a goalless score.