The royal trend where Queen Sofia is a master


The Capes has recently become one of the most versatile and sophisticated outerwear, especially in the royal wardrobe. On her latest state trip to Sweden in November last year, Queen Letizia surprised with a beautiful cape in natural color with a fur collar, perfect for protecting herself against the low temperatures in the Nordic country. However, this is not the first time that Doña Letizia uses this type of outerwear, in its most basic or enveloping form. The queen has a relevant collection of coats in her wardrobe, with signature garments such as Carolina Herrera and even Zara.

Queen Letizia in a headland in Sweden. / Gtres

However, Doña Letizia is not the only one who has fallen for the charm of this garment. Maxim of the NetherlandsMary from Denmark, charlene of monaco o Matilde de los Belgas are some of the royals we have seen wearing coats in their official documents. A detail that makes it clear that this is one of the most versatile outerwear in the wardrobe, perfect to adapt to all types of engagement.

Queen Sofia
Queen Sofia in an act with a cape in neutral tone. / Gtres

But if there is one royal who over the years has made coats one of his great allies, this is Doña Sofía. The mother of Philip VI has resorted to odd or similar recurring in its commitments. Mostly in documents of special size where the dress code indicated a long suit for the type of event. Although there are royalty who are more minimalist in this sense and choose coats in neutral colors that adapt to any look, in the case of Doña Sofía, we have seen her with many coats made to match her outfits.

Queen Sofia
Doña Sofia with a blue cape. / Gtres

One of the acts where Queen Sofia has resorted to the cape on most occasions is in the military Easter celebration. This is one of the most important appointments on the agenda for HM the King’s House. In fact, it is the first of the kings’ commitments at the beginning of each year. Although since the abdication of King Juan Carlos It has not been seen during the military Easter – except in 2018 in an exceptional way -, on previous occasions the cape was an almost obligatory complement in the attire of King Felipe VI’s mother.

Undoubtedly an ideal outerwear to protect you from low temperatures without wearing a jacket, feathers or a more classic coat. In addition to lightness, the hood provides a touch of sophistication that on many occasions enhances the look exponentially. Do not miss in our gallery the most special pictures of royalty with coats. They are a source of inspiration for your look.

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