The right wins the elections in Italy


Rome, September 26 (EFE).- The far-right Giorgia Meloni, 45, is set to be the first woman to preside over a government in Italy after the landslide victory of her party, the Brothers of Italy (FdI) , and the right-wing coalition that leads to the elections held this Sunday, according to the first projections of the results.

– Here are the key moments of his career:

– 1977: Meloni is born in Rome. His mother, Anna, had to raise him alone, with her older sister, Arianna, after their father abandoned them and moved to the Canary Islands (Spain).

-1992: At the age of 15, he joined the Youth Front, the youth organization of the former Italian Social Movement (MSI), a neo-fascist party founded in 1946 by supporters of the late dictator Benito Mussolini.

– 1996: Leader of the student movement of the Alianza Nacional (AN) party, the new face of the MSI. In a French television program France 3, he declared: “Mussolini was a good politician, everything he did, he did for Italy”.

– 1998: She is elected councilor of the province of Rome by AN, led by Gianfranco Fini.

– 2004: She is appointed president of Acción Jovenes, the youth section of AN, and becomes the first woman president of a right-wing youth organization.

– 2006: Elected deputy of the AN, she was appointed vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, at the age of 29.

– 2008: elected Minister of Youth in the government of conservative Silvio Berlusconi, the youngest in Republican history.

– 2012: he founded the Brothers of Italy (FdI), new heirs of the MSI, after leaving Berlusconi’s party, but kept it as an ally, with the sovereignist Northern League of Matteo Salvini, for the 2013 elections.

– 2014: She becomes president of FdI

– 2016: She presents herself as a candidate for mayor of Rome.

– 2018: In the legislative elections, it obtains 4.3% and the FdI becomes the fifth party in the country.

– 2019: Her statement at a rally – “I am Giorgia, I am a woman, a mother, an Italian and a Christian and they won’t take it away from me” – becomes a hit with young people after being remastered with electronic music.

– 2021: the FdI is the only opposition party to Mario Draghi’s government of national unity.

– 2022:

= June 13: During a rally of the far-right Spanish formation Vox in Marbella, he clarifies his political ideal:

“There are no possible mediations, we say yes or no. Yes to the natural family, no to the LGBT lobby; yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology; yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death; yes to the universality of the cross, no to Islamic violence; yes to securing borders, no to mass immigration.

= August 10: In the middle of the election campaign, he sends a video in English, French and Spanish to distance himself from fascism:

“The Italian right has relegated fascism to history for decades, unequivocally condemning the stripping of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws. And of course, our condemnation of Nazism and Communism is also unequivocal.


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