The revolution of Carlos III: the big changes after the end of mourning


A week after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, the British royal family’s mourning has ended. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have returned to their lives in Los Angeles and the new King Charles has begun to organize the structure of the “new company”. A change that has been talked about for a long time, but is getting closer.

Queen Elizabeth officially said goodbye on the streets of London. / Getreth

As has been pointed out many times, the new monarch’s desire for the royal family to be a useful institution for citizens, with a structure that is flexible and not heavy, has come under a lot of criticism in recent scandals surrounding some of its members, including in the past the king himself. This was the basic condition of Carlos III, he did not want the monarchy to be “overwhelmed” by members who did not contribute substantial value but only incurred expenses, such as some of his brothers, who caused some other headaches.

Queen Elizabeth and Liz Truss
Queen Elizabeth with Liz Truss in her last public performance. / Getreth

Just take a look at the latest Duke of YorkCharles, who is already king, has been trying to “remove” Prince Andrew from the structure for some time, although his official role does no longer have any value as he was stripped of all his titles and honors for Epstein before the scandal. After the Prince of Wales came to the throne, he took his own humiliation and further degraded his younger brother. On the royal family website, Prince Andrew It has come in last place, just below the Duke of Sussex, which has also been relegated. Also, even the Duke of Kent or Princess Alexandra is above Enrique and Meghan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Procession / Gtres
Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession. / Getreth

They are king, queen and Prince of Wales Those, along with the Earl of Wessex and the always-helpful Princess Anne, have taken top positions on the royal family’s updated website, making it clear who will be supporters of Charles III’s new reign, at least initially.However, we must not forget that Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was in attendance Prince George and Prince Charlotte It’s proof they’ll be part of the core – and of course their younger brother Louis – when the time comes.A dwindling royal family that perfectly achieves the goals of Carlos III, the opposite of the concept of royalty queen isabelle. It’s all about the survival of this institution, which is a bit out of date for many, especially because of its strict protocols.


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