The Reina Sofia Museum buys several canoes from the outlaw Zapatista army.


Reina Sofia Museum very advanced in the process of buying a set of “works” Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN)Mexican guerrillas of Marxist ideology who openly supported ETA, among them three canoes, embroidery and video.

The art center began the acquisition process this summer, and although it has already moved forward, it still needs to be approved by the art center board and then by the Qualification, Evaluation and Export Board of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. according to the agency Efe.

Four canoes, embroidery and video were made by members of this terrorist group. The ships arrived in Spain in 2021 aboard the Zapatista ship La Montaña, which was on tour and landed in Galicia.

The approximate price of the set was agreed upon in a few 25,000 euros, according to the museum. The purchase will be made on Pallasos Foundation in Revolt, a Galician association affiliated with the ENLZ that declares itself pro-Palestinian and whose motto is “the globalization of hope”. The canoes on display are made of cedar and mahogany and are decorated with brightly colored images that represent the memory of the Mayan peoples, the daily life of the indigenous peoples and other motifs of the Zapatista guerrillas.

It looks like EZLN will donate this amount to an immigrant collection organization at sea. open arms“This is a gesture of solidarity, an international hug between human rights defenders,” the EZLN said in a statement released Country. In 2019, Pedro Sanchez provoked the European crisis by taking them to Spain.

What is the Zapatista National Liberation Army?

The works are exhibited in hall 002.13 of the museum under the name “Another World Is Possible”, an epigraph that collects art-related “stories of political dissent” that was unveiled last year. This is not an unimportant detail as it seems to be a direct allusion to the answer he gave Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente, known as in Subcomandante Marcosthe main ideologist of the SANO, to the question about the goals of his organization: “Seizure of power? No, just something more difficult: a new world.”

The Zapatista National Liberation Army is another of many far-left organizations with utopian aspirations that throughout history have justified criminal violence to impose their ideas. It originated in Mexico in the mid-1990s when a group of armed indigenous people attempted to take over seven municipal seats on the day North American Free Trade Agreement signed by Canada, USA and Mexico; and only in 2006 did it stop calling itself a military movement. His ideological positions they combine Zapatism, Marxism and libertarian socialismalthough he soon changed his communication strategy, abandoning the label of Marxism-Leninism and replacing it with the label indigenous people.

His criminal history includes attacks or the use of children for guerrillas. He also supported the terrorist group ETA.


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