The regional stuffy food of Aomori prefecture is… sandwiches for lunch with English toast?


Well, that was a strange discovery.

Japan is famous for its ready-made sandwiches, commonly known as “package lunches”, which usually consist of two slices of crustless soft white bread, filled with ingredients such as ramen or Pizza Hut. and even a curry made by a former sumo wrestler.

The Yamazaki Baking Company, the world’s largest bread-making corporation, produces most of the breakfast sets in Japan, but on a recent trip to northern Aomori Prefecture, our traveling reporter Mr. Sato came across an extraordinary series of breakfast sets made by Kudopan.

▼ Mr. Sato found sandwiches at the Cub Center local supermarket chain in Hachinohe.

According to the staff, these lunch sets are only sold in Aomori Prefecture where they are produced because they have a short shelf life of about three days. Given the limited distribution area, lunch sets are produced in small quantities, making them a regional specialty that tourists from other prefectures eagerly seek out when exploring the region.

Visitors from abroad, especially from England, may also be interested, as lunch sets are sold under the name “english toast“.

In the one shop Mr Sato visited, a wide range of English Toast breakfast packs were available, containing fillings such as Tuna Potato Salad (pictured above) and Double coffee creamer (pictured below), an affiliation with Suntory’s Boss Coffee.

▼ This year, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the sale, there is even a “Special English Toasts” edition.

Other varieties included “Memories of Nuts(left), which includes Crunchy Peanut Cream and Peanut Bits and Crispy chocolate cream and whip (law).

He was even “Ogur and Margarine(indicated by the arrow below), in honor Ogura toasta famous local specialty of Nagoya.

Curious to find out exactly how many types of English toast are available, Mr. Sato hopped onto the internet to check out the official website, where he found a total of 11 varieties. Looking at the image below, from left to right and top to bottom, we have: Double Coffee Cream, Memories of Nuts, Pistachio Whip Cream, Crispy Chocolate Whip Cream, English Toast, Special English Toast, Coffee Blend, Ogura & Margarine, Original English Toast, Coffee Cream Mix and Egg Salad.

▼ Upon closer inspection, Mr. Sato discovered that there is no tuna salad here, so maybe there are 12 types?

▼ In addition to the above basic products, the company also produces a special limited edition flavor every month.

That’s a whole bunch of packed lunches, and Mr. Sato couldn’t help envying the locals who get to enjoy all these amazing flavors on a regular basis. However, to find out if he missed a good one, he had to try a couple, so he chose Original English Toast and Memories of Nuts.

▼ Starting with the original, he immediately noticed that English toast came with a still crispy crust, and this was filled margarine and granulated sugar.

Of course, lunch sets can be eaten as is, but English toast is especially delicious when baked, so he tossed it under the grill until it was golden brown.

▼ The surface was light and crispy, and there was just enough margarine to perfectly flavor the bread, creating an incredibly tasty sandwich.

▼ Next in line was Memories of Nutswhich Mr. Sato also toasted for optimal enjoyment.

This one really hit the spot with its crunchy texture and nutty goodness, and the peanut cream melted wonderfully inside. If Mr. Sato lived in Aomori, he would eat this for breakfast every morning!

While the fillings were tasty, Mr. Sato really stood out soft inside and crunchy outside character of English Toast, which has no doubt contributed to its enduring popularity over the years. Eager to find out if there was any way he could buy them at home in Tokyo, Mr. Sato was pleased to discover that the Aomori Hokusaikan antenna store in Chiyoda Ward carries them, and the Cub Center sells them online, albeit for $139 yen ($1) plus postage, which costs 650 yen to Tokyo.

So if you’re in Tokyo and want to try the English Toast lunch sets, now you know where to get them. Although it’s always better to try them fresh on a trip to Aomori where there are plenty of other things to see and do!

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