The red and pink Springfield long coat that will be a bestseller


springfield Welcome to fall fashion with a spectacular collection of outfits for the season.Among them, we signed a coat Available at 27% off the brand’s online storewith an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Cold Springfield Long Coat

Although the temperature is pleasant now, it won’t be long before you catch a cold, and you should have your wardrobe ready by then. same, This long coat is a great investment and really worth it.

Made of 78% Polyester, 9% Acrylic, 6% Viscose, 4% Polyamide and 2% Wool, Medium coat with lapels and two front pockets. It has a double button closure and an inner lining. The design is beautiful with big square prints in colors like pink and red.

Who said autumn and winter coats should be black, brown or grey?we love them look radiant, so we like clothes like this. Plus, the coat combines two colors that we’ve always heard shouldn’t be mixed in the same look, let alone in the same outfit: red and pink.

In 2022, they will become a star duo in the fashion world.we watched all summer Mixed red and pink clothing, and now they are also stamping their feet before the colder months arrive.combined with long coat springfield It’s simple and we want to give you some ideas.

This Springfield’s suggested look A great option for going to the office or going out to dinner with friends: a lapel sweater, white trousers, and a pair of high heel ankle boots Black person.

Of course, you have many other options. E.g, Culottes style jeans with a shirt, knitted vest, and some sneaker-soled ankle boots as footwear. Comfortable appearance, exudes style.

Flared pants were a trend in the 2000s, and now they’re making a can cheer up Beige flared trousers and a matching wool sweater.

If you love it and want it to be part of your wardrobe, it’s available at the Springfield online store. Previously worth €109.99, now €79.99 thanks to a 27% discount, in sizes from XS to XL. It won’t last long for sure!


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