The reason why Pepe Rodríguez has avoided talking to Eva González about his separation from Cayetano


Despite the fact that neither of the two protagonists has launched to reveal details, the separation between Eva González and Cayetano Rivera it’s all a fact. There are more and more indications that the couple would have chosen to go their separate ways, which is why the presenter could be taking refuge in her loved ones and of course, in her job, which would be a perfect way of escape at its break.

Pepe Rodríguez in a photocall / Gtres

Mairena de Alcor’s has managed to become one of the most outstanding figures of all the editions of masterchef thanks to his dedication in the space and his support towards the participants even after having disassociated himself from the program to bet on The voice. Something that is not overlooked by your partner and ChefPepe Rodríguez, who has not hesitated to talk about the sentimental moment in which Eva finds herself during her presence at the Iris Awards of the Television Academy, held this afternoon at Kinépolis, an enclave located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid : “I haven’t talked to Eva for a long time, and every time some news breaks the last thing I think about is asking her. We’ll meet up for a drink somewhere and she’ll tell me, but right now I don’t know anything”, He began by explaining, to later reveal that all the current and previous team of the program will coincide shortly in order to celebrate the recent birthday of the master of ceremonies: “We will see each other soon for sure, we have made a meeting and she will tell us, but now I am not able to send her a WhatsApp”, settled the cook, hinting that he prefers that González be the one to take the step of telling what happened between her and her still husband to whomever he considers appropriate, without the need for him to have to ask her about the subject.

eva gonzalez
Eva González with the three fellow judges, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo Nágera and Jordi Cruz / Gtres

It should be noted that, years ago, there were many rumors that suggested that jordi cruz could have been the person that Eva had noticed while she was still spending time with Cayetano, so maybe this future team meeting masterchef make the sparks fly between them again, although on various occasions they have taken it upon themselves to ensure that they have no common bond beyond the friendly one, especially considering that a few months after this information came to light, the presenter He resumed his relationship with the bullfighter to spend many more years together.

Eva González and Cayetano Rivera in Seville / Gtres
Eva González and Cayetano Rivera in Seville / Gtres

Be that as it may, what does seem clear is that between Eva and Cayetano there is no return option. Several weeks have passed since the idea that the model and the right-hander had chosen to go their separate ways first came to light, however, none of them wanted to confirm or deny it. What is obvious is that both are leading completely separate lives while remaining firm in their convictions when it comes to not publicly revealing what their love story has ended.


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