The reason why Letizia never wears socks, even when it’s cold


Fashion experts have Queen Letizia in sight and in an identity mark that characterizes her, she never wears socks. For some it is a lack of respect, for others it represents the strength of a queen who comes stomping to any action, but basically it is part of Letizia’s outfits. We look at the dresses and accessories she wears, but we rarely look at what is not there, there is a reason to Queen Letizia she leaves her socks at home and defies the winter cold of the Spanish capital.

This is why Queen Letizia never wears socks

Queen Letizia never wears socks or almost never wears them, we see her natural skin, even if the temperature is extremely low. We have seen her arrive with a feather top for an official visit to the country of the Pyrenees, Andorra or to come to an official act of almost 0º without socks, for some it is a way to show their character, but the explanation is much simpler.

our ice queen shows its character in each act. Letizia is the first spouse who does not come from a royal environment. As a journalist for the profession, she fell in love with a prince. Her destiny would be to become queen and for this she has prepared thoroughly. He has overcome all barriers that have existed and must complete his mission. Letizia is today an exemplary queen in every way.

Letizia’s physical shape is enviable ways to 50 year. The fact that you only train in the morning every day is one of the reasons why you do not wear socks. After exposing the body to a great deal of activity, the socks are not necessary because, according to them, she comes warmed up to certain actions. You just need to use a good moisturizer to make your legs or arms shine no matter what the temperature is outside.

At the presentation of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ honorary medal from San Fernando to Asociación Hispana Nostra, with a temperature of 3º in the Spanish capital Letizia showed its strength by arriving without socks. The participants were able to appreciate her incredible physical shape, with the risk of catching a cold, the Queen of Spain seems to be immune to low temperatures. Letizia has created her own identity stamp by appearing without socks at official documents, something totally unthinkable a few years ago.

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