The real reason why Kiko Rivera is angry with Anabel Pantoja


In recent days, the Pantoja family had to face difficult moments.die Miss Anna Midweek is one of the hardest blows the family has ever experienced. Kiko Rivera rushed to Cantora and reunited with his mother, whom he had not seen in a year. The dj also decided not to attend the wedding of his cousin Annabelle, which was originally scheduled for the weekend on Graciosa Island. Anabel Pantoja also went to Cantora, but finally decided to continue celebrating her wedding with the approval of her aunt Isabel.

Kiko Rivera in recent pictures / Gtres

Although this link was full of excitement, after a day of celebrations in the Canary Islands, Annabel returned to Madrid and reappeared on the set. Saturday Deluxe RoomThe collaborator felt sad and depressed, and admitted that her cousin no longer followed her on social networks, and avoided sending her some kind of message to congratulate her for the link. Because of this celebration, Annabel has received some criticism, because in fact, the couple got married a week ago due to civil issues, and the celebration on the beach could have been postponed. However, please remember that due to different circumstances, Annabel has cancelled her link many times.

Annabel Pantoja and Omar Sanchez
Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez on their wedding day / Gtres

Although neither Anabel nor Kiko want to clarify the cause of this alienation, Kiko Matamoros has already given some clues.This Sunday, the collaborator stepped in Life, Where he revealed some of the keys to this confrontation, which went beyond Doña Ana’s death. Matamoros has confirmed that it was Anabel that caused the DJ to hesitate when deciding whether to go to Cantora because of the death of his grandmother. As he pointed out, Annabel told him “They won’t open the door, and he was not welcomed. Isabel no longer thinks about his or her son.” In light of this, Qizi believes that her cousin has been covering her relationship with her mother. shadow.

As confirmed by the collaborators, Raquel Bollo was the one who persuaded Kiko and Isa Pi to return to Cantora to accompany Isabel: “This is an important moment. You never stay there for a lifetime and kiss her your mother,” Raquel told them both.A version that matches the word Belen Esteban, Who promised that Raquel Poirot encouraged him to come back.

Anabel Pantoja e Chabelita enters the Cantora / Gtres farm
Anabel Pantoja and Isa Pi enter the Cantora / Gtres farm

Matamoros also explained the reunion of mother and son. As he revealed, the two embraced and the artist told him that she had wanted to see him for a long time and was never prohibited from entering the farm. “When he left, he believed that his cousin had betrayed him and concealed the truth from him,” the collaborator said.

Similarly, he insisted that neither Kiko Rivera nor Isabel Pantoja wanted to have a wedding, which is why DJ asked his wife to bring their two daughters back to Castilleja de la Cueva.

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