The Real Reason ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Star Ree Drummond Says Thanksgiving Makes ‘Me Cry Over My Bowl of Sweet Potatoes’


Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond remains thankful for her blessings this Thanksgiving. Even with the heartbreaking passing of family patriarch Chuck “Paw Paw” Drummond on November 4, Ree will forge ahead with gratitude for many important reasons. However, Thanksgiving also brings out her sentimental side of her. She reveals the real reason the family-centered holiday makes “me cry over my bowl of sweet potatoes” every year.

Ree Drummond | Discovery Press/TLC

Ree Drummond starts Thanksgiving with a film classic while she prepares the family meal

While other families may watch parades or listen to music while preparing the meal, Ree takes a different approach to Thanksgiving morning entertainment. Every year, she watches the 1972 film, The Godfather.


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