The real reason Kiko Rivera left Telecinco

It’s undeniable Chico rivera Is one of the protagonists of this month.The death of his grandmother, the wedding of his cousin, and the reconciliation with his mother made the Seville one of the most wanted people, to which he responded with a silence he only broke in the magazine Reading -Paying-Turn everything upside down and focus on the great supporters of it until recently, “Isa Pantoja and Anabel have no jobs or benefits”, Has come to ensure that it is on the page of the publication.

Kiko Rivera was on the show “Domingo Deluxe”/Mediaset in February last year

Just a few days later, this Wednesday, the dj moved to Stop all his critics And veto help me, According to what he said to him. But the truth is that Kiko’s motives against Telecinco’s plan are completely different. As Look learned, Kiko Rivera plans to break the silence on Saturday, October 16. Saturday Deluxe Room Starred in one of those devastating interviews he was used to. However, everything went wrong and Isabel Pantoja’s son left the Telecinco project.Not because of the information directed at him, but because No economic agreement has been reached With the producer.

Chico rivera
Kiko Rivera has not yet reached an economic agreement with the chain because the figure he requested is too high: 40,000 Euros / Gtres

After the last event that shook his life, Isabel Pantoja’s son decided to make money and Requires more cache It is usually more affordable than the program. Figures in excess of 40,000 euros, As the media understands. In exchange for such a high amount, Kiko would sit down and talk about the meeting with his mother and the anger with his cousin Anabel Pantoja, but even with these, he failed to sign the contract, and his reaction was against Mediaset.

Chico rivera
DJ accuses “Save me” / Instagram

“Of course, you have lost your tone. I know your audience is short, and I know your show will shit. Don’t call me anymore, I won’t go… But don’t lie, because that girl is the woman of the man I mean and the owner of the hotel. Yes, I am drinking after a day of composing, is there any problem? “, he wrote late last Wednesday because help me Show some photos in which he appeared with a young woman in an affectionate manner, which aroused his alertness to new infidelity.

Expected face-to-face

Ramon Calderon
Ramón Calderón filed a civil lawsuit against Kiko Rivera, claiming that his right to honor was harmed / Gtres

Kiko Rivera’s concerns don’t stop there. In a few days, on November 10th, he will face Ramón Calderón, who decided to sue him because the musician called him a “villain” and claimed that he used his father Francisco Rivera (Francisco Rivera) to sue him. Rivera’s legacy deceived him. Pakiri. «You will have to explain to me in court », Kiko challenged Ramon at that time luxury roomPerhaps he did not expect that his father’s good friend would stand up and defend himself from such accusations.

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