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Madrid/Oviedo (EFE).- The sale of housing increased in Asturias in August by 7% compared to the same month last year, up to 993 transactions, while the average price increased by 10%, at 1,178 euros per square meter, according to data published this Thursday by the General Council of Notaries.

By type of housing, 826 apartments were sold, 12.9% more than in August last year, at an average price of 1,227 euros per square meter, 12.9% above the levels of ‘one year ago.

In contrast, the sale of single-family homes fell 14.9%, to 168 transactions, although the price rose 20.7%, to 1,052 euros per square meter.

In August, 642 mortgage loans were granted in August, 9.4% more than a year ago, although the average amount fell by 8.4%, to 157,827 euros per square meter.

Housing becomes more expensive in Spain by an average of 3.1%

Across the country, the sale of housing intensifies its rise after having increased by 7.8% over one year in August to 42,841 transactions, while the average price per square meter rose by 3.1% to 1,475 euros.

By housing type, apartment sales rose 10.1% year-on-year to 31,727 units, while single-family homes rose 1.8% year-on-year to 11,114 units.

Apartment prices increased by 0.5% compared to the same month of the previous year, reaching 1,620 euros/m2, while the price of single-family houses stood at 1,238 euros/m2, on 5.9%.

The price increases in 14 municipalities

By autonomous communities, the price increased in 14 of them and was adjusted in the other 3.

The biggest increase was recorded in Galicia, where house prices rose by 20.7%. The increases in Murcia (18.9%) are also significant; Aragon (13.9%); Castile-La Mancha (11.3%); Valencian Community (11.2%) and Asturias (10%).

On the other hand, housing prices recorded declines in La Rioja (-19.2%), Navarre (-14.6%) and the Balearic Islands (-4%).

In terms of sales, increases were recorded in 13 of them and decreases in 4. The greatest increases were in the Basque Country (34%); Extremadura (21.9%); Aragon (21.4%); Castile-La Mancha (12.7%); Galicia (10.7%) or the Valencian Community (10.3%).

On the contrary, the decreases were recorded in La Rioja (-8.9%); Balearic Islands (-8.1%); Cantabria (-2.8%) and Navarre (-2.1%).

Less than 55% of homes require a mortgage

In August, real estate loans for the purchase of a home increased by 13% over one year at the national level, to 23,438 operations. The average amount of these loans increased by 0.4% and amounted to an average of 138,650 euros.

The share of home purchases financed by a mortgage loan amounts to 54.7%. Moreover, in this type of purchase with financing, the amount of the loan represented on average 73.3% of the price. EFE

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