The “Puppy” of Argentina’s Vox extends the rights of anti-Peronism among young people


Argentina Living in Peronism ——Left-wing populism—— And activism ——Social democracy—— In the past four decades.

This is a reaction to the extreme right dictatorship of the general Jorge Vidra, Ruled from 1976 to 1983, blood and fire led to disappearances and political prisoners.Or, in the best case, people in exile in Spain such as singers Andres Caramaro with Mercedes Sosa Or actor Hector Altrio with Juan Diego Boto.

By assassinating guerrillas and Democratic opponents ——At the same time, no distinction is made between armed combatants and unarmed citizens-, The people in uniform yelled that they were starting a game The third anti-communist war.

Youth is the hardest hit State terrorismEven 14-year-old children were kidnapped, tortured and missing.But in 1983, he responded by organizing his own Political youth, And conquered the restoration of democracy.

Since then, young people have been the electoral pillars of governments that follow each other: Peronists and activists, each of whom has formulated a nationalist socio-economic policy and expanded gender in the cultural field. Diversity.

However, at that time status quo An antibody appeared, Free to move forward, A new political party that grew up in the youth circle of Buenos Aires, the country’s political capital. And it is not short to justify the crimes of the Vidra dictatorship.

Therefore, La Libertad Avanza constitutes the right-leaning tendency of Buenos Aires youth. Javier MillaiThe 51-year-old head of training usually explains this phenomenon: “In Argentina, Gramsci won. He aimed to introduce socialism into society, including culture, media, and education. From there, brainwashing took place. The more young people, the more contact. The less chance you have. Money laundering is because you have less pollution. Argentina has been embracing more and more socialism in the past 100 years. So today’s rebellion is not from the left, but from the liberals.”

Free to move forward Treat Vox as an ally And international references. In this sense, he even signed the Madrid Charter against socialism, and the leaders of the two parties maintained frequent contacts. Javier Ortega SmithThe Secretary-General of Vox and the representative of Spain visited Buenos Aires and participated in the event held in Círculo Militar with the leaders of La Libertad Avanza. Milei recently participated in the Viva 21 conference via video conference.

This party on the right in Argentina surprised everyone Get nearly 14% of the votes, In Buenos Aires, in the primary election last September. Most of the votes came from young voters.

Milei is now a candidate for parliament in the parliamentary elections to be held on the 14th next Sunday. He will definitely expand his vote harvest, and they will win more than two seats, and possibly a third, according to the polls.

EL ESPAÑOL witnessed the closing ceremony of La Libertad Avanza’s activity in Lezama Park on Saturday night. Some people attended the event. 10,000 people.

There are all kinds of people there, which is not seen in the behavior of other political parties.From youtuber Selling anti-socialist and anti-abortion ideas to young women through unknown rock musicians.

The exotic audience is in tune with Mire, the eccentric leader from all directions. When he was young, he served as a goalkeeper in the Chacarita Youth Club. As a substitute for the famous Jose Luis Chilavert, He played for Real Zaragoza from 1988 to 1991, where he was popular for converting penalties to Real Sociedad. Given the drama, he sports crazy hair, and he admits that he hasn’t touched a comb for 38 years. He also worked as an actor in the summer company and has his own rock band.

Nick name Lion Since his hair was not knotted, when he entered the box, he used the way of an evangelical pastor to make a battle cry in every group speech: “I’m not here to guide the lamb! I’m here to wake up the lion!”

The ecstatic audience responded by simulating the roar of a beast. Milei’s obsession is to crush what she calls “political hierarchy.” “The caste caused unscrupulous structural decline, ——shooting—— It can be seen in this dangerous situation of social life in Argentina: 50% poverty and 50% inflation”.

“If all we want is to liberate the Argentine people from the oppression of so many countries, why are they afraid of us? Or, in this Argentina, only politicians are making progress?” he exclaimed.


As an adult, Mi Lei devoted himself to economics and was also a university professor at the college.Like to declare Follower of the ideas of Austrian liberal economics, Encouragement from theorists Ludwig Mises with Friedrich Hayek.

He also mentioned Murray Rothbard, an American among his inspirations, who designed the so-called Anarchic capitalismDrinking from these sources, Mire defines himself as a liberal liberal, even though he is related to traditional rights due to his political advice.

He emphasized: “Politicians don’t understand that we are in an era of change that leaves the collectivist model behind and free ideas will flourish.” He explained that this is why “the ideological race is so important. We are engaged in a cultural struggle. Our revolutionary path is through entering a system oriented towards the political class. We must end the status quo that has plunged us into poverty over the years.”

Between the full-volume rock and roll chords, Mi Lei ecstatically shouted “Long live freedom, damn it!” to end the performance while hugging his companion on stage.

I will definitely win a seat in Congress next Sunday.Although his vision is strategic, he has been Mauricio MacriHe served as the center-right Argentine president from 2015 to 2019 and faces the presidential election in 2023. Will Argentina’s coalition with the same parties as PP and Vox defeat Peronism? To be continued…


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