The Public Prosecutor’s Office asks for filters against “extravagance”


Oviedo (EFE) that end up being filed for lack of punitive service.

This is one of the main demands that the Superior Prosecutor expressed during his intervention in the solemn act of opening of the judicial year which took place this afternoon in Oviedo.

Fernández presented the report on the activities of his department during the year 2021 and assured that the administration of justice in the Principality has advanced “reasonably” with significant progress in material, personnel and infrastructure resources, although there is still “a long way to go”. “.

Pre-assessment of complaints

The prosecutor, who last year underlined the important role of the public prosecutor’s office in protecting the rights of the most vulnerable people, particularly during the pandemic, spoke out in favor of modifying the system so that in the event of a complaint which the judicial authorities can carry out a preliminary evaluation and issue a decree of non-admission to treatment.

The prosecutor was all the more critical in this regard since there are generally ambiguous complaints and apparently criminal content, among which she distinguished generic complaints “against everything and against everyone” expressing a disagreement on the entire action of the administration.

Moreover, he verified the existence of “complaint professionals” who “little or nothing” have to do with justice.

Added to all this are complaints about apparently criminal acts with the aim of the prosecutor requesting documents and including in his procedure a series of tests that the plaintiff then requests to have them applied in other jurisdictions.

Complaints that seek only the news

For the top prosecutor, the only thing that most of these complaints are pursuing is the “log”.

They are also in addition to other complaints which he called “outlandish” which he says are difficult to read and impossible to understand and involve “totally unnecessary but arduous” work and require a legal resolution of ” which can only be justified by the very extravagance of the denunciation.

Authorities on their arrival at the opening ceremony of the judicial year. EFE/JL Cereijido.

Misuse and misuse of social media

Fernández denounced, for another year, the “inappropriate and abusive” use of social networks, which continues to be a “growing” problem, especially among minors, which is also a triggering factor for domestic violence and has warned that the most common cause of a violent reaction from a conflicted minor against his parents is when they punish him without a mobile phone or Wi-Fi.

She also detected a lack of supervision and a trivialization of sexualized behavior among young people, which means that children under 12 or 13 consider it normal, if someone likes them and asks them to send photos or videos to sexual content.

On the other hand, sexual offenses increased by 66%, with sexual assault and abuse being the most numerous, although almost nine out of ten people accused of these sexual offenses are convicted in Asturias. EFE

Web edition: Gorka Vega.


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