The prosecutor’s office opens an investigation into Bolsonaro on allegations approved by the Senate


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The Brazilian President’s management of the pandemic, Jar Bolsonaro, Will be investigated. After the Brazilian Senate approved the final report of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI), Nine crimes charged with Bolsonaro,include “Crimes against Humanity”, Brazil’s Prosecutor’s Office has decided to initiate a preliminary investigation.

After submitting a report to Attorney General Augusto Arras on Wednesday, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) will analyze data collected by the International Criminal Court against Bolsonaro and 12 others.

The file has approximately 1,300 pages After finishing six months of work, the committee asked 78 people, including Bolsonaro, and two companies for different crimes committed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on information collected by Brazilian newspapers Or balloonIn such cases, preliminary investigations are very common, so Aras will analyze the evidence provided by the International Criminal Court and decide whether to require the Supreme Court (STF) and the High Court to conduct a formal investigation (STJ).

In this way, Aras has pointed out Ten preliminary measures, This includes verifying the possible existence of ongoing procedures related to the ICC investigation and notifying prosecutors who have participated in pandemic-related procedures to obtain materials.

The documents of the International Criminal Court require these organizations to accuse Bolsonaro of nine crimes related to the pandemic and commit death-related epidemic crimes. Violation of preventive hygiene measures, Fraud, prevarication, improper use of public funds, incitement to crime, forgery of private documents, liability crimes and crimes against humanity-judged by the International Criminal Court (ICC) -.

The report includes pictures of the president cheering the crowd, statements against vaccines, or images of the president supporting chloroquine (a drug that is ineffective against COVID-19) as evidence. It also details delays in vaccine procurement or government opposition to health measures, as well as the collapse of the system.


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