The prosecution limits sentence reductions for sex crimes


Madrid (EFE).- The Attorney General of the State, Álvaro García Ortiz, has issued a decree in which he unifies the criteria for action before the law of the only yes is yes, in which he establishes that the penalties will not be revised if the sentence imposed is still in force within the range established by the Penal Code for each crime after the change of law.

In other words, this executive order reduces the instances in which prosecutors will support a reduction in the original sentence given to sex offenders.

The PSOE defends that the law of yes is yes is “of the government as a whole”

The spokeswoman for the federal executive of the PSOE and Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, maintains caution after the controversy generated by the law of only yes is yes and avoids a confrontation with United We Can, assuring that regulations like this are “of the government as a whole”.

In the midst of a controversy over the downward revision of certain sentences after the entry into force of the law for the full guarantee of sexual freedom, known as the law of the only yes is yes, the PSOE has chosen not to fuel the debate and to defend the “health” of the coalition government.

“The laws approved by the Council of Ministers are laws of the government as a whole and more than a law that aims and seeks the integral protection of victims and minors,” stressed Alegría, when asked about this issue at a conference. press conference held in Ferraz after the Federal Executive of the PSOE.

Equality says there are more unreviewed sentences than sentence reductions

The government’s delegate against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, assured this Monday that there are many more sentences for sex crimes that are not reviewed than those “very few cases” that reduced the sentence of the aggressor, for which she asked Avoid media alarmism.

At a press conference, Rosell called for accountability when talking about the demands for Reduced sentences for attackers like one of the members of ‘La Manada’ of Pamplonawhose lawyer in his time was already asking for the acquittal of the condemned and will now ask for a review of the sentence “without knowing that he has the possibility of prospering”.

“We are doing a disservice to the victims if we mix up the cases”, lamented Rosell, who assured that there are many more sentences which are not reviewed than “very few which have been reviewed” and in which, in Plus, Equality observes errors. .


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