The private album of Tamara Falcó’s most exotic birthday without Íñigo Onieva


It’s been over two weeks since it took place Tamara Falcó’s 41st birthday, and yet, it has not been until now when she herself has wanted to share with her million and a half followers some memories of the big day. With the sole objective of giving the go-ahead to a new return to the sun that is accompanied by a life as a single woman, the Marquise de Griñón wanted to travel to nothing more and nothing less than the Maldives, where she had the opportunity to live a vacation retreat dream together with the fundamental pillars of your day to day.

It was just a few hours ago when Íñigo Onieva’s ex took the reins of her Instagram account to speak at length about the meaning that this getaway had had for her, accompanying her words with some idyllic images of the enclave in question: “There are destinations that leave you wanting to return always. Such is the case of the Maldives Islands. This year I was lucky to be invited by @cayetanavela to the new hotel that they run from their agency: Naladhu Private Island”, she began by explaining, to later go into more detail about her journey on the other side of the planet: “It has been a dream come true and a totally different way to celebrate my birthday. In addition, Cayetana had the detail of surprising me by also inviting my sister @anaboyer and her family and also my mother @isabelpreysler. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of them (…) PS: over the next few days I will post a series of photos that I have chosen and I hope that they convey to you the sensations that my family and I experience at @naladhumaldives. This is how I hope to transport you to the sun and get you away from this cold ”, he sentenced, hinting that he is already on Spanish soil and at low temperatures after having enjoyed the waters of the Indian Ocean and the maximum tranquility that they transmit.

As the winner of the MasterChef Celebrity, his publications from the Maldives were not going to stop there, and he was going to take advantage of the passing of the days to upload his favorite snapshots. That is why, in another of the selected images, she appears shaking hands with both her mother and her sister, thus demonstrating that their support is key in her recovery from the love disappointment in which she was involved a few months ago and for which she was forced to put an end to her engagement, and therefore to her love story with Íñigo Onieva.

In all the photographs you can see how Tamara fully enjoys the company of the woman also known as the “queen of hearts” and her daughter. However, the marquise wanted to share solo images in the same way, which are marked by the crystal clear waters typical of the area, while Falcó seems to enjoy his newly released “solitude” at the stroke of a bikini and paradise.


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