The price to pay for Jorge Javier Vázquez for his new mansion


If one thing is clear, it is that the heritage of Jorge Javier Vázquez does not stop growing like foam. Given his popularity on television and in other areas, the presenter is having the opportunity to enlarge his financial coffers to the maximum, which is why he has been able to acquire a house that has not gone unnoticed by his followers or by some media outlets. communication.

Jorge Javier Vázquez posing / Gtres

It has been during this same day when it has come to light that the master of ceremonies of Save me would have chosen to acquire a new home just a few meters away from their current residencewhich he bought in 2010 and has never been shy about showing off to the press with the greatest of pride.

Magazine Ten minutes has been in charge of revealing some details about the new nest of Badalona, located in an exclusive urbanization north of Madrid and that it already promises to be the perfect enclave for Catalans to enjoy their free time, which is quite scarce considering the endless number of professional commitments they have to face.

Jorge Javier Vazquez
Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

First of all, it should be noted that The property in question has nothing more and nothing less than 2,418 square meters of land that would have been very attractive to the presenter specifically in the month of September, that is, just after his return from a very turbulent vacation in which he even had to be urgently admitted to a hospital in Peru due to altitude sickness . But be that as it may, the journalist looks to the future with optimism and this plot promises to give it a most promising new life since it is registered as a “hotel-building” as it has an old construction based on two floors of exposed brick and concrete, in addition to an entrance with garage and vestibule.

Jorge Javier Vázquez in 'Save me' / Telecinco
Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

According to the aforementioned medium, the first floor is built in a cantilever over the entrance floor and the rooms can be found on it. Nevertheless, this distribution would not have completely convinced Jorge Javier, which is why he would be thinking of building other rooms to his liking to have the rooms you want within the established perimeter. At the moment, the works have not yet started, but the land as it is It is already the perfect place for all the animals of Vázquez to be able to roam freelyamong which are his dogs and of course, his donkey Fortunato, which they gave to the presenter in full broadcast of Save me and it has already become one of his indispensable life companions.

It should be noted that this new property It would be valued at almost one and a half million euros, and Jorge Javier would have requested a mortgage for its acquisition of practically the total amount. An amount very similar to what his current home cost on his day, which was around two million euros, which the presenter was able to pay in installments thanks to his hard work in charge of the afternoon space. from Telecinco.


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