The President of Kazakhstan ordered the protesters to be “shot and killed without warning”


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The President of Kazakhstan, Kasim Jomart Tokayev (Kasim Jomart Tokayev) announced on Friday that he has given Ordered the shooting To “terrorists” Participated in the most recent protests in the country, Their epicenter is in Almaty city.

“I have ordered the security forces and the army Shoot and kill without warning“The President said in a speech to the country that, as reported by the Kazakhstan news portal Khabar 24, he ruled out the possibility of negotiating with the protesters in his speech.

Therefore, he marked the brand as The “stupid” appeal is “from abroad” For “the parties negotiate to resolve the issue politically”. “Is it possible to negotiate with criminals and murderers?” he asked himself, before emphasizing that the authorities faced “armed criminals and insiders, including nationals and foreigners.”

In this sense, he emphasized that “the country’s counter-terrorism operations are still continuing” and added that “the police, the National Guard, and the army are carrying out large-scale, coordinated work to establish laws, and order, and comply with the Constitution. “

“The situation in Almaty, Aktobin and Almaty regions stabilized yesterday. The introduction of a state of emergency is producing results. Constitutional legitimacy is being restored across the country,” he assured.In this way, it reiterated “Such terrorists must be eliminated as soon as possible”, And then thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for responding to his request to send troops to the country to ensure safety in the face of protests.

The Kazakh army has killed 26 people in an “anti-terrorism” operation mainly in Almaty to end the violent protests. According to the Ministry of the Interior, More than 3,000 “criminals” were arrested and 18 “armed” personnel were injured.

The authorities previously admitted At least 18 law enforcement officers died, Two of them were found beheaded, always in accordance with the official version.

The President of Kazakhstan Kasim-Yomart Tokáyev described the protesters who took to the streets of the country as terrorists, initially due to the rise in the price of liquefied petroleum gas, and assured that the protests were orchestrated by a group of instigators, although he did not reveal his identity.

In the face of “terrorist threats” he asked Provide assistance to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), A military group in the post-Soviet region, composed of six countries, led by Russia, some of which have already arrived in the country with the purpose of “stabilizing the situation.”

“This task force arrived in a limited time to protect the strategic objectives,” Tokayev said at a meeting at the counter-terrorism headquarters today, but did not disclose the number of foreign troops that will support the Kazakh operation, although it is estimated that there will be more than 3,000.

As he promised, the constitutional order “has been basically restored in all regions of the country, and the local authorities have controlled the situation.”Of course, he added, “Anti-terrorism operations will continue Until the militant “terrorists” are completely eliminated.

As reported by the Kazakhstan portal in its Telegram account, The “red” level of terrorist threats has been introduced nationwide, This provides a wide range of maneuver for the operations of special forces, and can temporarily restrict citizens’ movements.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, a total of 70 checkpoints have been set up throughout the country. The President plans to address the people in a televised address on Friday, the Orthodox Christmas Day.


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