The prejudices Uncharted has to fight


Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland at Uncharted. | Sony

After years of being in Hollywood’s “development hell”, the movie theaters are unknown, an adaptation of the legendary Sony video game. Featuring a contemporary actor, the living Tom Holland, and with a cult fan of the saga created for Game console from Naughty Dog that survives and grows if you look closely, a movie finally made by Ruben Fleischer (Welcome to Zombieland, Venom) has to deal with a hard-won prejudice from dozens of previous adaptations: Video game movies suck.

unknown, a movie that really feels the care of those responsible for respecting the original product (tributes and winks appear from everywhere) does not suck but does not shine either. The film has merit stifled by a somewhat general approach that Fleischer’s directing fails to lift. Every Naughty Dog video game has animated sequences that are more cinematic than Fleischer’s visual approach in his explainer scenes, and there are too many of them at first. if saga unknownvideo game, was an interactive storytelling remarkably close to cinema. unknownthe film pales in comparison to the milestones of its original source.

Luckily, once the adventure moves to the Barcelona subway, in a sequence reminiscent of the one in Venice from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, these huge problems of directing the film do not disappear, but are adequately hidden. Action takes center stage and the film finds its own footing, alternating scenes of action, infiltration and exploration that appropriately refer to the life journey of the digital Nathan Drake, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg (if there is any doubt, the best of the film: watch the latest episode with the cat) the necessary support for the development of their special chemistry.

Until that happens, for forty minutes of the film, Fleischer is unable to emphasize, exalt or develop a script that is only a structure, a more or less adequate approach halfway between Search D Mission impossibleother than pushing it through the mount. There are more passive and static conversations than in a movie like unknown can afford.

Luckily, Fleischer has two image-conscious actors, three to be exact: Antonio Banderas He takes advantage of savoring every shot Fleischer gives him, knowing that his role is somewhat wasted. If only Fleischer would take the opportunity to have fun as a director and not just work, unknown I would fly higher.

It’s a little sad that unknown you have to destroy all the digital artillery to be cool (pirate boarding in the air twists the loop and convinces), but the result serves to appease fans of a (great) video game.


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