The Prado Museum publishes a list of works from the confiscations of the Civil War


National Prado Museum compiled and published a complete list of works in its funds from the General Commissariat for the Protection of Artistic Heritage and who were probably captured Council for the Seizure and Protection of Artistic Treasures during the Civil War.


This is about 25 documented works.. In 22 cases, this origin has already been explicitly stated in their file published on the Internet. In the three cases where this is not the case, it is because the poor condition of the paintings means that they do not have a file on the collection access portal, although they are cataloged in the Museum’s collection management system.

Of these works, 17 paintings were transferred to the Prado Museum by the General Commissariat of National Artistic Heritage between 1940 and 1942; 5 paintings entered the Museum of Modern Art, from the Main Commission of National Artistic Heritage (1942), 1 painting entered the Museum of Modern Art, from the Main Commission of National Artistic Heritage (1943), but remained in the Museum of Modern Art and moved to the National Center for Arts Reina Sofia, from where it was transferred to the Prado Museum in 2016 in connection with the reorganization of the collections. Also there is a bowl of fruit and a clock from the General Commissariat of National Artistic Heritage.

This initial figure may be higher according to the latest research of heritage and civil war expert, professor and professor emeritus Arturo Colorado Castellari. For this reason, the Prado National Museum has decided to officially open the way for an investigation into the possibility that some of the pieces in its collection come from confiscations made during the civil war or during the Franco regime.

The goal is to clear up any doubts that may arise regarding the backstory and context before it enters the Prado collections and, if necessary and in compliance with all legal requirements, return it to its rightful owners.

Arturo Colorado, who led the international congress “Museum, war and post-war period” It will take place at the Prado National Museum in 2019 and will coordinate the work of researchers who will study in detail the various archives and records of the Museum in relation to this very specific subject. This work will be carried out in collaboration with the Library, Records and Archives Division.


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