The Popular Total Return Fund is now registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Popular announced that the People’s Total Return Fund (PTRF), the fund, managed by a team of Popular Asset Management LLC, a subsidiary of Popular, was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

The said fund is specifically designed to provide Puerto Ricans with investment alternatives typical of traditional equity and fixed income markets, but with significant tax benefits.

The popular total return fund is a balanced investment alternative for capital gains, for which it typically invests between 60% and 80% of its assets in stocks. These equity investments are primarily distributed among the large, medium and small cap markets in the United States.

To take advantage of global opportunities and achieve greater diversification, PTRF also invests in stocks in international markets, both developed and emerging. To balance risk and diversify, the fund invests 20% to 40% of its assets in the bond market, which tends to be more stable than equities. It has over 20 years of history with positive results.

“Because it is organized in Puerto Rico, this foundation provides certain benefits to Puerto Ricans in terms of income tax and inheritance. Traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and funds from the US market do not have these tax advantages,” explained Javier Rubio, president of Popular Asset Management.

Anyone residing in Puerto Rico can invest in PTRF, which has a minimum initial investment requirement of $3,000. Subsequent installments can be $50 or more.

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