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The Poliakovs were released for severe abuse of the bears Bony and Glasha: 30M d’Amis Foundation asked them to confiscate them | Zimo News

To everyone’s surprise, Justice has just released the Poliakovs. They have been prosecuted for severely torturing and ill-treating their animals, especially the bear Micha (died in 2019), Bony and Glasha. In order to avoid returning them to the hands of the trainer, the 30 million d’Amis Foundation, which rescued them and transferred them to the temple, requested that they be eventually placed in the latter.

Sued for severely torturing and ill-treating the animals they used in the show… The Poliakovs were released (January 9, 2021)! The Criminal Court of Blois imposed a simple fine of 150 euros on each animal trainer for illegal possession of non-domestic animals, and Mr. Poliakov was sentenced to a four-month suspended sentence.

Surprisingly ridiculous sentence

We are very surprised by this judgment, which ignores the pain caused by the Poliakovs to the animals, Condemned Reha Hutin, Chairman of the 30 Million Friends Foundation. Look at the sad state these animals were in when we received them. In addition, Micha, the bear caring for at the La Tanière refuge (28 years old), suffered from a variety of brain tumors and died two months after being rescued. Subsequently, the veterinarian reported that the two other bears, Bony and Severe lesions were diagnosed in Glasha, especially teeth, and female eye tumors. The province of Loir-et-Cher then ordered them to be placed in Refuge de l’Arche (53 years old), a partner of the 30M d’Amis Foundation (November 29, 2021).

The refuge cannot accommodate these two plants, and the female Glasha (now known as Franca) has been transferred to the Bear Park Black Forest Reserve in Germany by the 30M d’Amis Foundation. Unfortunately, Yves Rousset, the governor of Loire-Cher, was content to ask for the “temporary” seizure of these bears… despite the fact that the trainers lacked care.

Graça’s new life (Franka)

30M d’Amis Foundation calls for the final placement of bears and other animals

After the Blois court ruled, we are now worried that the bears might be returned to the trainer., Regret Lei Ha Huting. But we will do everything we can to ensure that these animals will never be used by a few people again. When we see Franca bathing in her peaceful harbor today, after experiencing a painful life, we can only see how unbearable her recovery is. ! “.

The 30 Wanda Beauty Foundation has requested the Loire-Cher Province and the Transitional Ministry of Ecology and Unity to carry out the final resettlement, not only for the Glasha and Bony bears in their shelters. Since November 2019, there are also animals (especially monkey nest eggs and a horse) that Poliakovs is currently raising in specialized institutions. The basic conditions to ensure that these animals are not abused.

Rescue review of Boni and Graça

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