The Pokémon/Puma collaboration provides Poké style from the soles of the feet to the top of the head【Photos】


Pikachu and the original starter Pokémon are joined by a puma puma.

Pokémon is a true multimedia franchise. Both anime and video game franchises are huge global hits, and the success of collectible card games, toy assortments, and fashion collaborations is also not something to sneeze at.

The latter category will get a new entry this month with the release of a new team between Pokémon and PumaWith a line of shoes and sportswear featuring the original Pokémon starter and, of course, Pikachu.

Moving from the feet up, let’s start by looking at RS-X Pikachuwhich is in the franchise’s mascot colors and features Pikachu illustrations on the tongues and an attached pendant.

For a more old-school look, there’s a Pikachu version Rider FVand grassy Bulbasaur it also gets its own retro boot variant.

The remaining starters are spread across different shoe models. FROM Charmander warming up this couple Air streams

…and Squirtle making these Suede classics look cool.

The shoes shown above are adult size models, but each is also available in children’s sizes.

Other parts of Pikachu’s design are stylish Messenger bagperfect for instant deliveries…

…and beanie that cleverly transitions from yellow to black, just like Pikachu’s ears…

…T-shirt it gives the impression that Pikachu is in a Pokémon battle with the jungle cat Puma Logo

… and zippered fleece with Pikachu in silhouette on the chest pocket.

Rounding things up is a Charizard loose cut long-sleeved undershirt

…and Venusaur sweatshirt

…and some supposedly Squirtle Sweatpants.

▼ Because while Pokemon Masters have a “Catch ’em all!” rule, they all have a “I have to wear pants if you go out” rule.

Prices range from 12,100 to 15,400 yen (US$87–111) for adult shoes and 9,350 to 11,550 for children’s shoes. Tops cost between 5,500 and 14,300 yen, messenger bag 7,700 yen, and hat 4,290 yen. All of them are now available at Puma Japan’s online store here.

Source, images: PR times
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