The Pocky x Street Fighter II collaboration includes a special game for a limited time


Will you be able to deliver Pocky KO?

During Capcom Cup 2019, an annual video game tournament centered around Street Fighter series, Japanese confectionery manufacturer Glico made a splash by debuting a special match that allowed players to defeat opponents with “Pocky K.O

To celebrate, the limited edition Pocky in Street Fighter V the pack was released in the States, followed by Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam the following year. Now the collaboration returns to Japan for another round, this time with Street Fighter II on the packaging… and accompanying tie-up game.

Customers who buy a Street Fighter II Pocky will be able to play this game by going to the official campaign website and entering the password printed on the package.

The game that can be played on computers and smartphones is called Pocky Street Fighter II Editionand will proceed in the same manner as the previous tie match.

The object of the game is to bring the health gauge to the point where it resembles the correct ratio of chocolate to a Pocky stick, with the dark, depleted portion of the gauge resembling chocolate, and the golden remaining health portion resembling a biscuit stick.

▼ When the pointer resembles a Pocky stick, you have a “Pocky Chance” which allows you to perform a Pocky KO and see a special ending.

The new Pocky x Street Fighter II collaboration will kick off on November 29 with a special dedicated page here from the same day. Glico says there’s going to be some cool stuff in there, and they’re teasing us with the visuals Street Fighter II Pocky Edition slot machinethe details they are talking about will be revealed once the promotion starts.

▼ Fingers crossed, this is a prize people can win.

The promotion runs from November 29 to June 30, so we’ll have plenty of time to perfect Pocky KO during this period. We can’t wait to check it out and when we do, we’ll be sure to pour ourselves Pocky on the Rocks.

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