The Planet Prize is increasing its fund: its author will receive a million euros.

President of the Planet, Jose Kreujeras, announced this Thursday, on the eve of the presentation of the literary prize to his company, that the amount of donations exceeds 601,000 euros. up to a million euros… The finalist’s profit will also increase: from 150 250 euros to 200,000

At a press conference held in Lonja de Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčKreujeras noted that this year the “Planet” will be celebrated in “normal situation“, and on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the award, thus justified the increase in production that the lucky author will receive:” Continue to promote my projection – the award – recognize the efforts, talent and welcome the authors, we are going to increase the donation to one million euros. “

654 entries – a record number – have been featured in the XLL edition of Premio Planeta. As one of the jury members said, Juan Eslava GalanFinalists include a detective story, a historical novel and “for the first time in many years” magical realism. The origin of the novels is as follows: Spain, 389; South America, 104; North America – 53; Central America, 9, the rest of Europe, 23 and 74 do not indicate their origin.

The jury consisted of Jose Manuel Blackua, Fernando Delgado, Juan Eslava Galan, Pere Gimferrer, Carmen Posadas, Rosa Regas and Belen Lopez. The award will be presented this Friday at the National Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona during literary dinner presided over by kings

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