The perfect sweater to give this Christmas: different, original and limited edition


In general, sweaters are an essential garment when autumn arrives, a thin but cozy and versatile coat. The main brands have already presented their models for this season, and among all of them this one stands out. sweater perfect for giving this Christmas.

It is knitted beads limited edition of zara, with several details that make it a great alternative. A perfect option for women who are looking for only quality products, made with the best materials on the market, and that guarantee that their items will withstand use and the passage of time.

How is the perfect sweater to give this Christmas

At first glance, it would seem that we are dealing with the typical round neck sweater with a V-neck and wide long sleeves, that winter classic that has remained among the preferences of Spanish consumers for decades.

However, the choice of beading application it gives it a modern touch, something more relaxed and even informal. Therefore, it is recommended to complement plain pants, achieving in that outfit that can stand out.

As for the type of situations in which we imagine you wearing it, we believe that it will shine especially on those afternoon outings for coffee with friends or with your partner, or in a weekend tourist getaway. Nor would we completely rule it out for offices, if the usual casual Fridays are practiced there.

The perfect sweater to give this Christmas: different, original and limited edition

Light pink in color as described by Zara, this jumper is available in three sizes ranging from S to L, so you should check the measurements of each one to make sure you receive the most suitable one for you.

Materials and sustainability

As the company works with monitoring programs that allow it to guarantee compliance with a series of social, environmental, and health and safety standards, we can say that this garment is sustainable.

Meanwhile, its production is possible thanks to a hybrid textile, 76% acrylic and 24% polyamide, which will age without deterioration if you pay attention to a little care, such as ventilating it or taking it to a dry cleaner regularly.

Price and shipments

This Zara Limited Edition bead knit jumper is 89.95 euros, in the average of what they cost. You can pick it up comfortably and for free at one of the company stores in your city.

On the other hand, and on the occasion of the festivities of end of the yearall purchases you make between November 15 and the days before Christmas can be returned until January 10, a very generous margin.


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