The perfect Carlota Casiraghi dress for the office can only be found in Zara


Carlota Casiraghi is the most glamorous and fashionable benchmark in the Principality People from Monaco will wear this dress without hesitation Zara. Our favorite low-cost copy of the Chanel style that Carlotta and the entire Monaco royal family love very much. Both Carolina and Estefanía are unconditional fans of French brands, and royals or celebrities can afford to spend thousands of euros on a dress. For other mortals, Zara used very little money to create the purest Chanel style dress.

Carlota Casiraghi will not hesitate to wear this Zara dress to the office

Zara’s clothing will definitely make Carlota Casiraghi fall in love. These styles of dresses do not look like Zara, they may be new clothes for Chanel’s autumn and winter collection. The retro atmosphere, black and tweed are the elements that make this Zara dress a clone of Chanel, which can enter the wardrobe of the Monaco royal family.

Carlota Casiraghi It’s that young woman The benchmark for the new monarchyShe studied philosophy at the Sorbonne University in Paris, loves reading, and has her own club, where she shares her critiques of novels or essays she reads.She has never been a princess who is just an image, behind the combination of genetic style and natural beauty. Grace Kelly, A prepared and educated mind hides.

The perfect Carlota Casiraghi dress for the office can only be found in Zara

The new generation of European royals does not hesitate to draw inspiration from classics. This Zara dress is one of the dresses you can wear when attending a reading club meeting or attending any cultural event. It is elegant and likable, even if 10 or 20 years have passed, it will always be beautiful.

In addition to the royal family, we must bet on the clothes we will wear foreverCarlotta is in her thirties, but this skirt It is suitable for your mother or aunt, Estefanía and Carolina can also wear this type of clothing. You are 20, 30, 40, 50 years old or older are a good staple for royal wardrobes.

The perfect Carlota Casiraghi dress for the office can only be found in Zara

Zara’s models are tallConsidering that we are facing a woman of 1.80, the normal height is 1.60-1.50, making the skirt slightly higher than the knee. Continue the retro style with high boots, ankle boots, high heels or ballet shoes, this dress is spectacular. For its price, 39.95 euros, we will get a lifetime dress, we will arrive at the office or attend important meetings every day, comfortable and elegant in the purest Carlota Casiraghi style.

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