The Pentagon reports a huge explosion outside Kabul Airport


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The Pentagon press secretary reported that there was a strong explosion outside Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul. According to American sources, there were victims, but it is unknown how many people or nationalities there are.

The first message indicates that this will be a suicide attack.

Sources from the Ministry of Defense told EL ESPAÑOL that according to the information they currently have, there were no Spanish victims in the attack.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said they are working hard to determine what happened at the airport.

“We are working urgently to determine what happened in Kabul and its impact on evacuation and rescue efforts.”Wallace wrote on Twitter.

Wallace added: “Our first concern is the safety of our staff, British citizens and Afghan citizens. We are maintaining close contact with our United States and NATO allies in order to respond appropriately to this incident at the operational level. Response.”

As we said in EL ESPAÑOL The “high risk” of suicide attacks In recent days, the number of people at Hamid Karzai Airport has doubled, like The tension has increased significantly On both sides of the access door.

The growing sense of threat has changed the way rescue missions operate.Currently The airport wall is no longer the main line of defenseVarious sources reported that the route had been delayed by tens of meters due to fear of suicide attacks at the entrance.

In addition, soldiers of any nationality came out of these barriers with throwers, and the possibility of further intrusion into the interior was almost completely eliminated.

The fear of attack is so high that A400 aircraft of the Spanish Air Force They didn’t even stop the engine when they landed in KabulThe possibility of a single suicide bomber or a more coordinated attack in the cargo area at any time causes the Spanish plane to land, head to the designated area, load the scheduled evacuation, and immediately take off back to Dubai in the shortest possible time.

Ludivin DedongdeThe Belgian Defense Minister promised in several interviews with his own media that the United States has asked the allies to speed up their evacuation flights in order to complete the evacuation mission “as soon as possible.” “We currently have August 27, but this may change”, Already pointed out bed Specify that this deadline is the same for all countries.


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