The pastel-colored Mango cardigan that will take this winter by storm

If you want a nice, elegant and trendy garment, look Cardigan Mango pastel colors which will sweep this winter. Because it is a pretty sweet cutie that you should already have in your wardrobe and it fits everything and also gives you that youthful air that we all want.

It’s the moment’s jersey and you know it. And you wear it for everything you want because it goes well with both jeans and skirt in black. It’s pure versatility!

See what the pastel-colored Mango cardigan looks like

It is from the brand’s Committed collection, we see it with thick knitted fabric. And it goes in a wool and alpaca mix. With an oversize design, it has a color block design in different colors and rolled up long sleeves.

We see it in v-neck and button closure in the front part. In this case, the garments are marked as Committed products that have been manufactured with fibers and / or sustainable production processes, which reduces their environmental impact.

Mango’s goal is to support the implementation of methods that are more committed to the environment and thereby increase the number of sustainable garments in its collection. Its composition is 89% polyester, 5% wool, 3% elastane and 3% alpaca.

The pastel-colored Mango cardigan that will take this winter by storm

Its price is irresistible in the same way as the garment: 39.99 euros, it’s hot and it shines on us in all sorts of excursions. And the most important thing is that we defy the cold and we will have it very hot these days where the temperatures do not stop falling.

Take advantage now that you have different sizes available: from XXS to XXL. A very romantic style that you can wear with skirts and also with dresses and this cardigan on top. It will always look good.

But if you want something more comfortable, in everyday life, it is irresistible with jeans in different colors and your white or matching colored sneakers.

Mango offers you the opportunity to buy online with all security guarantees and you have it in nothing at home. It is the convenience of being able to buy clothes without leaving home. Because if you know your size and you love the sweater, do not think twice. You already know that in this type of garment, the sizes are sometimes sold out.

As you can see, it presents a variety of pastel colors that will transform your look into pure imagination wherever you go and with what you wear. There is no similar garment.

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