The paper house comes to an end: we remember how it started


It’s been four and a half years since Antena 3 premiered Money robberyAlthough the opening scene of the crime novel on TV was a bit timid, it was not until the Netflix When this series has a Prosperity At the national and international levels. There is no doubt that the bandit gang with the famous red jumpsuit and Dali mask has successfully sneaked into the hearts of audiences all over the world.Although the truth is that the beginning has never been smooth sailing, and The product is marked by resistance to attempts.

A long time ago Money robbery Seeing the light, many people joined to discredit the series and one of its protagonists. Izial Itunho After learning that he had signed the ETA prisoner restructuring agreement, he put himself at the center of the controversy In the Basque Country. The actress wanted to clarify some of the allegations at the first moment of the interview: “I signed an agreement against decentralization. This is more or less common in the Basque Country. But yes, it touches you halfway.” . It’s not good. I don’t know who made him try to boycott the series, but you see how it goes,” he answered bluntly. The boy is right, because this product has become the most in demand product on the planet.

Itziar Ituño taking pictures / Gtres

Remove the small incident shortly before the premiere, Money robbery Continue to grow and develop and win victories in 5 dynamic seasons And a touch of romance. After the heist of the century committed at the National Mint, the teacher and his students scattered all over the world to start a new life. What they don’t know is that a change in events will cause them to meet again and trigger a new coup, this time at the Bank of Spain. Although the last few chapters were not easy for the bandit team, and several important deaths occurred, the survivors were unable to leave the ship and were forced to fight hard to keep their final adventure alive, if possible. Cauldron.

“Paper House” / Gtres

The second part of the fifth season will be broadcast on December 3 next year Serie a. The most loyal fan’s date Money robbery Since the official trailer was released, they have recorded it on the calendar, and it is clear that the last few hours at the Bank of Spain are not easy for the robbers. For its part, Netflix provided a synopsis of the plot, sparking a bigger conspiracy“Tokyo is dead, the enemy is injured, it is more terrible than ever, and it is still in the Spanish bank. In the darkest hour, the band will face the biggest challenge: extract gold with an uncertain plan and try Leaving the Bank of Spain, surrounded by the army, the whole world is paying attention to it. At least, if the professor did not make the big mistakes of his life, everything would be easy.” What would be a huge failure Alvaro Mott What will hurt this group? We will know soon.

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