The Oysho feathers flying this Black Friday 2022


Against the cold, there is nothing better than choosing slightly warmer clothes. That’s why we love Oysho feathers that fly already for this Black Friday 2022.

It is padded and for this you will love it because you will be much warmer than with other jackets.

The Oysho feather that flies can be yours

It is the durable padded jacket water repellent which is also on sale, so you can have another garment and you can also buy it at a cheaper price.

In a metallic silver color, It has a lot of details like the side pockets with zippers on both sides. For this reason, it also closes at the front with a zipper.

It has a lot of material protect yourself from wind, rain and winter cold. For this reason, it is made in a fabric that repels water. In addition, according to reports from Oysho, this garment has been tested to withstand temperatures between +9º and -16º.

what is it made of

This down jacket, which promises to be one of the most requested this Black Friday, is made of exterior: 100% polyamide, lining: 100% polyester and interior: 100% Polyester.

Among its care, it is also worth noting that it should be hand washed at max. 30ºc, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean and do not tumble dry.

Fever for the Oysho feathers flying this Black Friday 2022

They also state that it is made with body material that allows water to slide through the garment and avoid absorption. And it has water repellency, wind protection and water vapor permeability.

What do we carry it with?

Yes, it goes really well with countless garments. From Oysho they prevail gray jogging bottoms dark which now has a 50% discount and you can get it for 17.99 euros, in addition to the trek sneakers that always cause a sensation and now have a price of 79.99 euros, choose your size!

with offer

You can already have this puffer jacket at a lower price. Because it is now on discount thanks to Black Friday Sale 2022 which officially begins on Friday, November 25.

If the price was 69.95 euros, now you get it for 48.99 euros, thanks to a 30% discount. At the moment you can choose between sizes S, M and L, the one that suits you best, but hurry because it’s a winning garment, that is, it won’t take too long to be on the web and even more so at this price, because such discounts They are only for certain days.


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